Trick, treat or terrific tax break …

Late filers in the U.S. just got finished assessing last year’s tax damages.  For some, it was a pre-Halloween shocker.

Fortunately, there’s still some time left in the current year to make some smart moves and take advantage of some of the most generous tax breaks available to investors

First, consider setting up a Qualified Retirement Plan.  Even if you don’t fund it until next year, you’ll need it in place by end of year or you lose the option.

Be aware that not all retirement plans are created equal.  In fact, there’s one specific plan that can 10x your tax savings! 

Of course, there’s a lot to consider when deciding how a QRP makes sense for you. 

That’s why we asked tax strategist CPA Tom Wheelwright and QRP expert Damion Lupo to get on a video conference with us to talk through the pros and cons. 

One thing we’ll talk about FOR SURE … is how to avoid the most dangerous and expensive mistake many real estate investors make with their retirement accounts. 

That ALONE makes it worth the time.  Plus, it’s free. It’s informative. And nothing’s for sale.  

So click here now to register for The Tax Truth About Real Estate Investing with Retirement Accounts featuring Tom Wheelwright and Damion Lupo. 

But wait, there’s more!  And that’s not hype …

Another great opportunity for a HUGE current-year tax break comes from investing in oil and gas.

We know.  Energy isn’t REALLY real estate … but it comes out of the ground, provides BIG tax breaks and passive income.  So it has a lot to offer real estate investors. 

Robert Kiyosaki first exposed us to the idea of using oil and gas for tax breaks.   

Since then, we’ve invited long-time oilman Bob Burr to join us aboard the Investor Summit at Sea™ to teach us about oil and gas investing. 

Bob’s always a BIG hit.  We learn a lot. And we’re happy to say, Bob will be back for our next Summit.

But you don’t need to wait to have Bob explain oil investing.  You can click here now to listen to our recent interview with Bob Burr. 

Of course, today’s topic is taxes … and while most real estate investors understand depreciation when it comes to buildings, most don’t understand it when it comes to energy.

So we asked Bob and his team put together a short video to help you understand the terrific tax benefits of energy sector investing.  Click here now to request free access.

Last but not least on our list of year-end tax saving opportunities is … buy an investment property!

After all, investment real estate offers some of the best tax breaks available

As CPA Tom Wheelwright explains in this fantastic Investor Summit at Sea™ presentation … the current tax law’s bonus depreciation provides HUGE tax benefits. 

Of course, you should never let the tax-tail wag the investment-dog.  Do your homework and be sure to pick a strong market and a great team.  

But accelerated depreciation schedules can make even a late addition to your property portfolio a big-time contributor to your tax-saving strategy.

So there you go … some great ideas about how YOU might save BIG on your 2019 tax bill.  Sure, it takes some effort, but the return on time could be HUGE!

Keep in mind … we’re The Real Estate Guys™ and NOT the Tax Guys.  So be sure to work with your own qualified tax advisor to figure out what makes sense for you.

And if you need help finding a brilliant CPA who’s well-versed in how to get maximum tax benefits out of your investments click here to connect with Tom Wheelwright

Happy Tax Planning! 

The Real Deal: Unlocking the QRP Secrets of Tax-Free Investing

The Real Deal: Unlocking the QRP Secrets of Tax-Free Investing


Discover how YOU can make real money owning real assets (like real estate!) using your retirement account. And here’s the best part … Tax-FREE!


You work hard to plan wisely for your retirement.  Let’s face it.  Watching your investment returns be devoured by taxes is the last thing you want to see for your family.  But getting away from Uncle Sam, LEGALLY, is not an easy task.  No need to stick your head in the sand and hope it all works out …

We’ve asked Damion Lupo at The eQRP Co. to prepare a special report to share with our listeners how YOU can make real money in real estate using your retirement account … And here’s the best part … Tax-FREE!

As a serial entrepreneur and author, Damion offers deep knowledge on business strategy.  His report covers how The eQRP Co. puts YOU in control!  Just to name a few REAL benefits …

REAL EQUALITY: No income limits, regardless of what you earn, you can contribute

REAL LEVERAGE: Want to invest in Real Estate and use 90% or even more leverage (a private mortgage) to super-juice your returns, cool, you won’t get hit with the UDFI tax that you’ll have to pay if you use a self directed IRA to invest in Real Estate using debt.

REAL LINE OF CREDIT: You get a $50,000 line of credit against your assets, you can write yourself a check for up to $50,000 any time you want, no bank qualifying, no credit approval.  Tap into your assets on demand for any reason.

REAL PROTECTION: Your money is wickedly protected against bankruptcy or creditors who would sue just to get to your assets.  ERISA law gives you iron clad protection.

REAL OPTIONS: You get to use your retirement money to invest in almost anything imaginable. No more mutual fund only options.  Invest in any type of real estate, in the United States or internationally, precious metals (that you hold), private loans, private businesses, commodities, tax liens and so much more.

REALLY TAX FREE FOREVER: Use the Roth QRP to invest and grow wealth for generations and never pay tax on the gains you AND your heirs make, literally opting your family OUT of the tax system for the next century.

Check it out! Simply fill out the form below to get your complimentary copy of Damion Lupo’s The Real Deal: Unlocking the QRP Secrets of Tax-Free Investing