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The key to a healthy economy

The “Make America Great Again” freight train keeps on rolling along…

Of course, some people think America was already great.  So they see all this rhetoric as just politically motivated hyperbole.

Others think America was never great and now just got a whole lot worse.

Then there’s those who think America used to be great in some bygone golden age, but has now somehow lost her way and is in need of a savior…or at least an extreme makeover.

There’s probably some truth in all views.  But we think they all miss the most important point …

Whose job is it to make America (or any society) great… again or for the very first time?

As real estate investors, we care about economics, demographics, trends, and all the various macro-winds that blow around our investment vehicles.

Our goal is to avoid headwinds and catch some tailwinds.  Life is just easier with the wind at your back.

So is Donald Trump going to make it better … or will he make it worse?


Just like Presidents Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, and every other President going back as far as you’d like to go.

Some people did better.  Some people did worse.

But how can that be?  How can different people produce dramatically different results in the SAME economic and political environment?

We hope the answer is obvious…

It’s individual choice … and individual action.  Emphasis on individual.

Each individual decides how to respond to external forces.  Challenges and opportunities are ALWAYS present. Which do YOU see today?

We’ve been guilty of missing opportunities because we were fixated on some problem over which we had NO control.

So instead of acting on what we did control, we wasted precious time, energy and focus on complaining… fretting over being stuck (in our own minds) by things we didn’t control.


Meanwhile, other people were busy taking effective action … using what they had, doing what they could, and seizing opportunity abandoned by other people paralyzed with fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Robert Kiyosaki and his investing partner Ken McElroy were AGGRESSIVELY buying real estate in 2009 … when most people were afraid and angry at corrupt banks, misguided government policies, corporate greed, and irresponsible borrowing.

Was it justified to be angry at the people who played a role in imploding the mortgage and real estate markets?

Sure it was.  We were.

And it’s certainly totally reasonable to be outraged when bad actors get bailed out … while the honest, responsible people who played by the rules get nothing.

But if all you are is scared and mad, you miss out. Fear and anger don’t make you money.

And here’s the bigger perspective …

An economically healthy nation consists of a collection of economically healthy states, which consists of a collection of economically healthy individuals.

Which are YOU?  And which do YOU control?

Each of is part of a nation, a state, a community.  But each of us are individuals.  We can only control ourselves.

It’s not selfish to focus the bulk of your attention and energy on your own financial well-being. We’d argue it’s your civic duty.

In the safety briefing on an airplane, you’re told if there’s a drop in cabin pressure, put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST.


First, so YOU aren’t a burden on others. And next, so you can help others.

Yelling about how awful it is that the cabin lost pressure … and how stupid the pilot is … or how irresponsible the plane manufacturer is … while all that may be true … none of it helps.

What helps is YOU taking care of yourself FIRST. Doing what needs to be done.

First, don’t be a burden.  Next, create opportunity for others.   When each individual does this, the whole (family, community, city, state, nation, world) is greater.

So no matter how you FEEL about what’s going on in the world, remember… you probably have virtually no control over it.

Does that mean it’s “fair”?  That everyone is dealt the same hand?

Of course not.  Every real estate investor knows every single deal is different.  Every day is filled with diversity of circumstances.  Real estate investing is FAR from a level playing field.

We’re not saying fair play, equal access and the things society strives for aren’t important.  They are.

They’re just out of your direct control.

The surest path to making America (or wherever you are) great, is to take what the externals give you and find ways to make yourself great.

If enough people do that, America and the world WILL be greater … one person at a time.

For centuries, real estate has been a predictable wealth builder for average people … when they have the freedom to own it.

From that standpoint, most of us have hit the lottery. Most of us live where we have the lawful right to own real estate.

And no matter where you live, if you have that right, your country is already great.  At least great enough for you to become great.

Could it be better? Sure. And a great way to start is for YOU to own more properties that are profitable.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t call out injustice or stand up to tyranny.  Of course you should … no matter where you land on the political or philosophical spectrum. Every voice has a role in the symphony of public discourse.

Just remember the airplane. The MOST important thing is for YOU to stay healthy and strong.  That’s your first and most important contribution to the greater good. Real estate investing is a GREAT way to do it.

Until next time … good investing!

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