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The Midas Touch with Robert & Kim Kiyosaki

Last we heard, job creation is a little slow.  But born out of this adversity is the challenge to become an entrepreneur!

Of course, if you to decide start a new business – or take your existing business to the next level – it’s probably smart to study what it takes to succeed.

One great (and very affordable!) way to get powerful insights into how to succeed as an entrepreneur is to tune into Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s live streaming event The Midas Touch on November 10th.  Click here to register now.

Robert and Kim travel the world and utilize every medium to share their experience, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration with as many people as possible.  Every time we hear them teach, we pick up something new and valuable.

As big time – and very humble 😉 radio talk show hosts, we get to rub brains with lots of really smart and very successful people.  And just like the many well known students of greatness like Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), Tom Peters (In Search of Excellence) and Jim Collins (Good to Great), we’ve observed that individuals and organizations that are super achievers think and act differently than the average performer.

So how can YOU learn to think and act like a super achiever?

The obvious answer is to take every opportunity to observe, listen to and interact with successful people.  Reading is great, and you should read all you can.  Listening is better, because you can pick up attitudes through the expression of the information.  Watching adds even more because you can read body language.  And of course, the best is to interact with successful people for extended periods of time.

So after you enjoy Robert and Kim via live stream on November 10th, be sure to sign up to spend an ENTIRE week with them LIVE and IN PERSON during The Real Estate Guys™ 10th Annual Investor Summit at Sea™.



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