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9/5/10: Alternative Strategies in Today’s Economy – Insider Secrets for Lower Legal Bills

Just as injuries are a part of a professional athlete’s life, so too are legal altercations a part of a real estate investor’s life.  You do everything you can to avoid them, but when they come up it’s always smart to get professional help.

Unfortunately, like doctors, lawyers don’t come cheap.  So it’s important to make sure the cure doesn’t make the injury worse.

To help unravel the mystery of motivating your lawyer to take your case without you having to write a blank check, we invited an experienced real estate attorney into the studio to share his insider secrets for lower legal bills.

In the radio gym helping us work out this heavy issue:

  • Head coach and host, Robert Helms
  • Athletic supporter, Russell Gray
  • Special guest and attorney, Jeff Lerman

Join us for yet another exercise in broadcast excellence and discover how you can trim inches off a bloated legal bill!

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