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2/14/10: Hollywood Confidential – Selling to the Stars and Finding Your Niche

After a couple of weeks of avoiding foreclosure and working out bad loans, we decided to take a virtual vacation and head to Southern California.  We’re told it never rains there, plus we wanted to see how the movie stars are getting along in this weak economy.  So, like the Clampett’s, we loaded up the car to head to Beverly…Hills, that is…swimming pools, movie stars.

Riding in the jalopy for today’s show:

•    Your host, Robert “Jed” Helms
•    Co-host and Financial Strategist, Russell “Jethro” Gray
•    The Godfather of Real Estate, a very masculine “Granny”, Bob Helms
•    Special guest and more beautiful than Ellie Mae, real estate agent to the stars Sharona Alperin from Sotheby’s International

Well, the first thing we know, we’re not a millionaire…(sorry if you’re too young to remember the theme song from the Beverly Hillbillies!)…but we know they’re out there.  What we wanted to know is: what’s happening in high end real estate?  Are people with money still buying big homes?  And what lessons can we learn about dealing with high profile, high net worth people – because when you don’t have all the money there is, but there are great deals all around you, then you better find some financial partners fast!

To help unravel these mysteries we dialed up someone who is a bit of a star in her own right, real estate agent to the stars, Sharona Alperin.  Even if you think you’ve never heard of her, we’re betting that you probably have – and just don’t know it.  We got her to talk about her 30 plus year claim to fame…about half way through the show.  Yes, that’s a tease.  You’ll need to listen to find out!

Sharona talked about how she markets to and services celebrity clients.  And even though we don’t sell real estate anymore, we got lots of great insights that directly applies to real estate investing – including the important role of discretion when dealing with high profile people.

Probably the greatest lesson and inspiration is that anyone is just one relationship away from completely changing their future.  Sometimes the right people will come knock on your door, but most often you need to go out and find a way to meet them.  There are opportunities all around you if you’re paying attention.  When you see one, don’t miss it!

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