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2/27/11: Fast Track to Full Time – Starting Part Time

Why wait for a job or beg for a raise, when you can take matters into your own hands and make it happen now?  Good question!

To find the answer, we tracked down a good friend who successfully made the leap from a modest salary to professional investor – and he did it fast.

In the studio for some fast talk on this hot topic:

  • Your fast talking host, Robert Helms
  • Your part time co-host, Russell Gray
  • Special Guest, former school teacher turned full time real estate developer and syndicator, David Campbell

In good times and bad, there are always people who want to make more money, be their own boss and enjoy the rewards of running their own business.  Many people start out simply investing in real estate, but quickly become enamored with the thrill of the deal and the big money, so they decide to go full time.

Since it can take a decade or more to build up enough passive rental income to equate to a full time job, it’s not uncommon for serious investors to go into the real estate or mortgage brokerage business as a way to get make a full time income while getting into the deal flow.   But to do well in brokerage, you often need to focus on a narrow geographic, demographic and product niche.  Plus, brokerage is highly competitive, requiring constant selling to be successful.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but some people find it harder work than it’s worth.

But there are other ways.  Some people buy, rehab and re-sell houses.  Others build from the ground up.  Still others trade in real estate backed notes.  Some people raise a bunch of money and act as fund manager, providing capital to others, and earning a management fee and profit sharing for their efforts.   If you’re new, that may sound very intimidating.  But in this episode, David Campbell shares not just what he did, but where he got the belief, help, encouragement, training and support he needed to supercharge his investing career and get on the fast track to big opportunity.  You’re going to like this one!

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