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9/11/11: A Tale of Two Investors – Building a Business and Leaving a Legacy

As much as we love real estate, we know it’s merely a means to an end.  And a big part of each individual investor’s personal investment strategy will be based on the end they are pursuing.

In this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show, we talk to two very different real life real estate investors to find out how they are using real estate to achieve some of their personal goals.

Behind the microphones in Memphis and Las Vegas:

  • Your well meaning host, Robert Helms
  • Your co-host, a man of means by no means, Russell Gray
  • Special guest, Memphis real estate entrepreneur, Terry Kerr
  • Special guest, our faithful Oregon buy and hold listener, Craig Horton

Like many buy and hold investors, our special guest Terry Kerr found himself with more opportunity than money.  But rather than resign himself to the slow path to prosperity, he found an entrepreneurial way to create opportunities for others and down payments for himself.  And when he found himself in need of a reliable property management solution, rather than pay someone else, he decided to create his own company.  His story is a great case study in ambition, resourcefulness, hard work, common sense and smart business.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Craig Horton grew up in a real estate investing family.  As a result, he’s built a nice portfolio while enjoying a great relationship with his father.  And because they see real estate investing as a transcending activity, they’ve found a creative way to use their real estate wealth to benefit more than just themselves.

Both men have interesting real estate stories that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy.  So listen in to Terry Kerr and Craig Horton and consider how YOU want to use real estate as a tool to build a life you will enjoy and be proud of.

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