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Every Investor and Entrepreneur MUST have sales skills

Salesmanship is an essential survival skill.


Think about it.  If you can’t sell yourself, you can’t attract a spouse, an employer, a customer, a lender or an investor.

Even if you think you can successfully delegate the responsibility for sales to someone else, don’t you have to sell them on the idea of selling for you?

As a real estate investor (or any kind of entrepreneur), you must attract resources, lead your team (employees, vendors and advisors), and negotiate deals.  All of these activities require sales skills.

Now you may not realize it, but salesmanship is a SKILL that can be learned.  More importantly, it’s a PROFESSION which should be taken seriously.

If you like to play tennis or golf, you might go out on the weekend and hit a few balls.  But if you wanted to compete at a high level, you’d need to get professional training and practice diligently, right?

Of course.

So if the ability to persuade people when leading a team, negotiating a deal or recruiting capital is an ESSENTIAL part of being a real estate investor, doesn’t it make sense that you would need professional training in order to perform at a high level?  And you want to perform at high level, don’t you?

Our friend Ken McElroy says, “Sales solves nearly every problem.”  Now Ken is one of the most successful real estate investors we’ve ever met. So if he says something’s important, we listen.

That’s why we’re headed to Las Vegas, Nevada on August 22nd-23rd to take part in Tom Hopkins 2 day Sales Academy.  And we can’t wait!

We’ve been huge fans of Tom Hopkins since the early days of our careers.  We already knew his training works.  But after spending a week with him on our 2014 Summit at Sea™ we found out that he’s just as amazing off the stage as he is on the stage.

So we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to join us in Las Vegas as we attend the Tom Hopkins Sales Academy.




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