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2/12/12: Getting Deals Done – Negotiating Skills Every Investor Needs

Our good friend, Summit at Sea™ faculty member and the mega-bestselling financial author Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad series), says the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT skill that every entrepreneur MUST have is the ability to sell.

But does that mean real estate investors need to be able to sell?  We think so.

So for this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast, we explore the topic of salesmanship as it applies to real estate investing.

Behind The Real Estate Guys™ shiny silver old-school microphones:

  • Your Host and School Master, Robert Helms
  • Your Co-Host and Teacher’s Aid, Russell Gray

When it comes to real estate deal making, the more creative you want to be, the less you can rely on third parties to put your deals together for you. So even if all you’re doing is stacking up lots of passive income producing properties (as opposed to operating a real estate dealership), there are still many times when solid sales skills are important.

If you’ve watched a skilled professional performing at a high level, more often than not they make it look easy.  They’re “natural”.  But the truth is that top performers have practiced and perfected proven techniques to such a level they just seem to flow effortlessly.  You can see it in athletics, music or man other forms of human achievement.  But is it true in sales?

In this episode, we get into specific techniques used by master salespeople to identify the motivations of the other party, and then place themselves in the most effective position to get the agreement necessary to make a deal.

Whether you’re pitching your project to a banker or an investor, trying to get a buyer or a seller to take YOUR deal instead of the other guy’s, or you’re building alliances with service providers to help you find, finance and manage your properties, having the ability to build agreement to point of action is mission critical!

So grab your G.I. Joe (or Barbie) lunchbox, your pen and notepad, and settle in for this lesson in the negotiating skills you need to get your deals done!

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