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7/10/11: Ask The Guys – Flip It Quick or Hold On Long?

The Real Estate Guys™ dove into the email grab bag and pulled out some more of your amazing questions!

In the broadcast booth for another exciting Ask The Guys odyssey:

  • Host and Mister Know It All, Robert Helms
  • Co-Host and Mister Know a Few Things, Russell Gray
  • A man who has forgotten more real estate than most of will ever know, The Godfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms

We threw all your emails in a hopper, tossed them all around, and then pulled out the ones that floated to the top.  There’s always more than we can process, but we try not to rush.  We’re into quality over quantity.

For this episode, we addressed several great questions, but camped out on one we thought was very relevant and representative of a lot of the questions we get.  The gist of it is:  When you see a great deal with instant profit (“found equity” we like to call it), room for improvement (an opportunity to “force equity”), and it’s in a strong rental market (what’s not to like so far?), do you flip out of it for the quick bucks….OR take it long and slow, enjoying positive cash flow and long term equity growth?

Decisions, decisions!

To complicate the thought process, what about the current state of lending?  After all, a lot of the tools we used to have to liquidate equity have changed – or don’t even exist!  Then there are the tax ramifications to consider…

So much to talk about and so little time!

Listen in as Robert, Russ and Bob contemplate the quandary of quick cash now versus long term cash flow – all in the context of “compared to what?”!

Listen Now!

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