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Looking for cash flow? Try walking in Memphis

C’mon, you KNOW you want it. 

And why wouldn’t you?  When it comes to real estate investing, CASH FLOW IS KING.

So even through Memphis is known for another King (in fact, TWO of them)… for real estate investors, it’s all about cash flow, baby.

In fact, not too long ago, in an article titled The 20 Best Cities to Buy Rental Homes, quoted a RealtyTrac study that put Memphis as the #1 single family home cash flow market.

Of course, if you’re a long time listener, you know we started going to Memphis three years ago.  Not to toot our own horn, but WOO HOO!   What can we say?  When you got it, you got it. 😉

So what makes Memphis such real estate investment market?

That’s a big topic.  One we’d like to discuss with you personally for 2-1/2 days while we drive around so you can see it with your own eyes.

Yes, it’s true.  We’re inviting YOU to join us as we once again find ourselves walking in Memphis. We’re going November 22-24, 2013.  That’s just BEFORE Thanksgiving weekend, so when you get home, you’ll something new and exciting to be thankful for!

You may want to fly Fed Ex into Memphis. they have more planes there than anyone else!
You may want to fly Fed Ex into Memphis. they have more planes there than anyone else!

It’s really not complicated.  The houses are cheap (but not free…or shabby!).  The taxes are low.  Tennessee is a super business friendly state.  Memphis is a huge distribution hub (it’s the HQ of a little outfit called FedEx).

But reading about it isn’t even close to spending 2-1/2 days touring neighborhoods, attending educational sessions and meeting local experts.

If you’re SERIOUS about getting in on the action, you need to know the MARKET, then build a TEAM that can help you find the right neighborhoods and properties for you.

We’ll help you do all that in a crash course field trip.  But don’t worry. As many times as we’ve done these trips, we’ve never actually crashed.  Sure, there’s been a few close calls, but nothing serious…(kidding!).

So what are you waiting for?

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