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Take a Peek Inside Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Boardroom with The Real Estate Guys!

Robert Kiyosaki has invited The Real Estate Guys™ to come into his Rich Dad Boardroom on January 19th!  

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We’re honored to be part of a panel that mega-bestselling financial author Robert Kiyosaki ( the Rich Dad Poor Dad series) has invited into his Rich Dad Boardroom on January 19th.  The topic of discussion is How to Increase Your Cash Flow in 2012We’re guessing this is high on most people’s goal list for the New Year! To reserve your virtual seat at the meeting, click here.

As you may know, one of Rich Dad’s key concepts is the idea of getting together with smart and experienced people to talk about whatever challenges and opportunities you’re facing.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have ready access to all the smart people they’d like.

So we think it’s great that Rich Dad opens up their Boardroom to thousands of people via these live internet broadcasts.  This allows people all over the world to listen in as Robert Kiyosaki visits with the various people who are helping him shape his investment and business strategies.  Of course, we’re thrilled to be invited to contribute.  Hopefully, we’ll think of something brilliant to say!  😉

If you follow The Real Estate Guys™ (and why wouldn’t you?), you know that we’ve developed a great relationship with the Kiyosakis and the Rich Dad team.  So much so, that Robert & Kim and many of their Advisors are attending our annual Investor Summit at Sea™ in April.  And they’re not only teaching, but they’re staying with us for the entire week!

But why?  And more importantly for you, what can YOU learn from The Real Estate Guys™ relationship with Rich Dad?

First, it’s important to focus on the fundamental premise that effectiveness is almost always accomplished through relationships.  Sure, you can lock yourself in a closet and perform some specific task very efficiently.  But if you want to expand beyond that, you’re going to require the efforts of others, whether they are vendors, employees, volunteers, etc.

The most basic example of this is hiring someone to get something done.  You contribute the money and the other person contributes their effort.  If you do it right, you make a profit on the other person’s effort and grow your business by simply expanding that basic concept.

As a real estate investor, you effectively do the same thing by renting out your property.  In this case, the tenant gets up everyday and goes to work (for someone else) or operates their business.  And each month, they send you a portion of the fruit of their labor.  You have used the vehicle of real estate to accumulate the effort of someone else.  And if you do it right, you end up with profits (positive cash flow), and then you can keep expanding your portfolio by simply adding more and more properties.

The underlying concept is that you become more effective (and wealthier) by accumulating the efforts of others.

Sounds simple right?  Except that for most small business owners and investors, their ability to expand is limited by how they think when they look at their resources.  That is, when they look at their bank balance, they say, “I don’t have enough cash to hire someone or buy another property.”

If you’re one of the people who finds yourself stymied by lack of resources, then you REALLY want to keep reading.

One of the  most important things we’ve learned though our observation of and conversations with with Robert Kiyosaki (and other mentors) is that a business or investment portfolio can expand without being limited by lack of money.

Creative entrepreneurs and investors know how to attract the resources they need without having to pay cash for them.  This is one of the key skills people learn  on our Investor Summit at Sea™.

We get along with Rich Dad because we are both working to promote financial understanding.  And we both believe the mission is best accomplished by providing thought-provoking information.  This stands in contrast to many in the financial space who promote dependence on professional money managers for “hands-off” (brains off?) investors or one-size-fits-all magic formulas for the do-it-yourself investors.

People who want to be told what to do sometimes get frustrated with us, but we’re not catering to those folks.  Our target audience is the people who want their thinking stimulated and are willing to invest the time, money and effort to develop their own understanding.

The Rich Dad Boardroom Live Stream and our Investor Summit at Sea™ are two forums where Rich Dad and The Real Estate Guys™ are working together to provide ideas that you can add to the mix of your continuing financial education.  We invite you to take advantage of them!

Meanwhile, take a look around you as you enter 2012.  What people and organizations do you see who are moving in the same direction as you are (or want to be)?  What methods are they using to get there?  How can you help them and how can they help you?  You may find that you can accelerate your own progress without spending a lot of money!

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