1/23/11: Finding Financing When Funders Are Fickle

I love you.  I love you not.  I love you. I love you not.

Financing is the life blood of real estate – especially for real estate investors, developers and re-habbers.  When times are good, lenders are BEGGING for your business.  Do you remember when there was so much money chasing deals, if you had a pulse you qualified?  Ahhh….the good ‘ole days.  But we digress.

Today, it’s a different story.  Lender’s lust for lending has grown cold unless you’re stacked with cash and have a nice asset base.  And even then it’s hard to get a date to the funding dance.  Lenders can be so fickle!

Of course the drive to reproduce profits is hard to suppress.  To find out what’s happening on the funding scene from a developer’s perspective, we decided to call someone who’s been on the prowl for funding for most of this real estate recession.

In the radio love shack for this episode:

  • Your host with the most, Robert Helms
  • Your co-host with the almost, Russell Gray
  • Special Guest, International Real Estate Developer and Summit at Sea Faculty Member, Beth Clifford

What are you going to do when the well runs dry?  Are you going to run away and hide?  (Hint: Fats Domino – late 50’s when the Godfather first started investing.)

When the flow of capital to the market place abruptly stopped, many real estate investors’ and developers’ financial hearts stopped beating.  Despite various attempts by the Federal Reserve and Washington DC to get money flowing again, it still hasn’t happened.  So vulture firms sprang up and have been carrying off the carcasses of the permanently broken-hearted, while there are many walking wounded who may never love real estate again.

But there are also a number of stalwart real estate lovers who refuse to be put off by a little (okay, a LOT) of adversity.  How may times are you willing to take “No” to get to a “Yes”.  A yes is SO worth it!

And even though many of the old haunts like commercial banks aren’t too flush with good prospects, new establishments are opening all the time – where private capital and creativity are coming together to hook up investors with capital.

To cut to the chase, and avoid an NR rating, in this episode we get our special guest to reveal some of the lengths she’s willing to go to find money for her projects.  And though you may never be an international real estate developer managing multi-million dollar projects, you can take the same business principles and apply them to your project – no matter how small.   Yes, it’s true.  When you’re in love, size doesn’t matter.

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1/16/11: The Age of the Entrepreneur – Creating a Future and Not a Job with Ken McElroy

One of our favorite quotes comes from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky: “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

Of course, a statement like that carries even more weight because the person saying it is highly qualified to have an opinion worth listening to.

So when we think about wanting to be great real estate investors, we like to listen to people who are highly qualified to tell us where they think “the opportunity puck” is going to be.  We’re very fortunate to have access to just such a person.

Do YOU want to hear what he has to say?  We thought so!

Skating across the icy landscape of a jobless economic recovery discussing where the opportunity puck is going to be:

  • The Center of Attention, Host Robert Helms
  • Your On the Right Wing Co-Host, Russell Gray
  • Special Guest, Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Real Estate Advisor, Ken McElroy,

In case you don’t know, Ken is a self-made millionaire real estate entrepreneur.  He started out as a property manager, began investing, and then expanded by syndicating big deals.  While the rest of the world was crying about the how “bad” the real estate market was over the last two years, Ken was out acquiring over $300 million of properties – mostly apartment buildings.

In addition to being a successful businessman and prolific investor, Ken is the Real Estate Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of mega-best seller Rich Dad Poor Dad.  Ken is also a best selling author himself.  His latest book, The Sleeping Giant, was just recently released.

But what we’ve learned about Ken is that in addition to all of the above (and being a super nice guy!), he is a very strategic thinker.  As a big time apartment investor, he pays close attention to the jobs market.  He spends a lot of time thinking about where and why jobs are being created (or not) because the need and ability to pay for housing is directly tied to jobs.

So during a phone call to discuss our upcoming Summit at Sea™ (shameless plug) where Ken will us as special guest faculty, he said he thinks he knows where the jobs puck is going. Well, THAT certainly piqued our interest, so we invited him to share his ideas with our radio audience, which is the basis for this episode.

Then, the conversation transitioned into a discussion of what someone should be doing TODAY to be ready for what’s coming tomorrow.  That led to a decision to do a special conference call with both Ken and Wayne, which we called our 2011 Conference Call to Action: Designing Your BEST YEAR EVER – Developing 20/20 Hindsight in 2011. We actually recorded and released the conference call first because we didn’t want to wait for the next radio show broadcast to get the information out.

So rather than steal any of the thunder from what Ken says in this episode, just listen in and you can hear from Ken directly.


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The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show podcast provides education, information, training and resources to help investors make money with their real estate investments.

1/2/11: The Art & Science of Setting Goals – Utilizing All You Are to Achieve All You Want

Happy New Year!

Everyone here at The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show wishes you and yours the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous year of your life! And to help make that happen, we decided to kick off 2011 with a unique episode on Goal Setting.

We’ve noticed that people are attracted to real estate because of the huge amounts of money that can be made with relatively low risk and front end investment.  What other investment allows you to put a small portion down, get cheap money from the bank, and then pay it off over time with someone else’s (the tenant’s) money?  And if you’re careful about the property type and area, the odds are very good that it will be worth a whole lot more than you “paid” for it down the road!

But is it really the real estate that you love?  Be honest.  For most people, the answer is no.  It’s the MONEY!  Or is it?

Most people don’t really want the money.  They want the lifestyle that money will buy!

So it’s REALLY about the lifestyle. Real estate and the resulting money are merely the tools we use to build the lifestyle.

But like a master builder, before construction starts, there is one absolutely essential tool which will make or break the project:  the blueprint!  Unless the architect provides a well designed plan, no matter how skilled the builder is or how hard he works, the project is doomed before it starts.

So it is with your life.

Most people cobble together a life, putting together a job, relationships, investments and recreation without any real cohesive plan.  No wonder so few people are living the life of their dreams.

No matter what your age, social status, income or resources, as long as you expect to be around for a lot more tomorrows, then today is the perfect time to develop, refresh or refine your life plan.  What lifestyle do you really want to build?  Only then will you know how to invest in your time, energy and money in real estate – or anything else.

So this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show features Robert Helms, and it isn’t about real estate. It’s about YOU.  And how you can get clear about who you are, what you want and what you want real estate to do for you.  Dream big because we all have a lot more potential and resources than we realize. The secret is to figure that out early in life and get to work while you have lots of time to build something awesome.  And only you can define what “awesome” is for you.

So we recommend you grab a pen and paper (maybe some tissue), find a quiet place to listen and take notes.  Then schedule some regular meetings with you, to stay focused and moving forward toward the life you design.

In the classic words of Zig Ziglar, “See you at the top!”

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Radio Show podcast provides education, information, training and resources to help investors make money with their real estate investments.