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6/17/12: Turning Adversity Into Opportunity – How Real Estate Saved My Family

Will Smith brought the world the heart-warming story of a down-on-his-luck real life Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness.

In the film, Smith portrays Gardner, a homeless single father who lands a job as a stockbroker and with true grit and determination becomes a financial success.

Not to be outdone by Wall Street, we found a real estate investing version of our own that will inspire and challenge you.  If you’ve ever thought you didn’t have enough to get started investing, this interview will make you think again!

In the radio pulpit, preaching the gospel of real estate:

  • Your reverend of real estate, host Robert Helms
  • The altar boy of alternative investing, co-host Russell Gray
  • Special guest, real estate success story and entrepreneur, J Massey

We met J a few years ago when he showed up at one of our mentoring club guest orientations.  We’d seen his name (actually, it’s just a letter) on our newsletter list – and he’d ordered several of our free reports.  So we knew he was a voracious student and consumer of content. Great!

But it wasn’t until we had dinner with him on our 2011 Investor Summit at Sea™ that we really got to know him and his amazing story of real estate redemption.  (Later that same Summit, J led our Cash Flow game and did such a great job, we invited him back to do the same on our 2012 Summit.  There he shared the stage with the Cash Flow game creator and Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki.  When you hear the interview, you’ll understand why this was such a thrill for both of them – and us.)

As you’ll discover, J’s a family guy.  Like sometimes happens to folks, he fell on some hard times.  And not just your run-of-the-mill hard times.  We’re talking REALLY hard times – the kind that destroys most people’s zeal for life.  But not J.

So this episode is more than just a feel good human interest story.  There are some very important lessons that J found along the way – lessons we’re sure you can apply to your own life and investing that will help you too. Normally, we’d summarize much of the content of the interview into this blog – but in this case, we’d be doing you a disservice.  This is a message you want to hear with your own ears.  So grab your notepad and listen in to this enriching episode!


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