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7/24/11: Raising the Roof – How the Great Debt Ceiling Debate Impacts You

The U.S. debt ceiling debate of 2011 is one of the biggest financial stories since the mortgage meltdown set off a chain reaction of quantitative easing, government stimulus and swelling deficits.

For the average person, a lot of this is so big and far away from Main Street, that watching, waiting and wondering seems like the best you can do.  A few real adventurous souls are lighting up social media with political rhetoric and semi-serious calls for revolution.

But we’re just real estate guys.  Politics is about what SHOULD happen and who’s to blame when things go sideways.  We prefer a more practical discussion about what IS happening, what is LIKELY to happen and what we can do in response to either avoid loss or make money (or both!).  Let the politicians and the pundits solve the mysteries of the universe.

In the studio for a practical discussion of the great debt ceiling debate:

  • Your practically perfect host, Robert Helms
  • The partially politically incorrect co-host, Russell Gray

For this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show, we take a look at the debt ceiling debate and what it potentially means for real estate investors.  And if you happen to be listening after some or all of the dust has settled, it’s still worth tuning in because this isn’t the first time Uncle Sam has faced this dilemma.  And it’s a safe bet it won’t be the last time.

Meanwhile, for those that are glued to their TV set watching the whole sordid affair unfold, we took some time and prepared a series of blogs on this issue.  Well, okay.  It’s more like a mini-book.  But if you’re interested in understanding how the deficit, the bond market, the Fed, interest rates and inflation are all inter-related, them watch for our special series of articles on The Great Debt Ceiling Debate.

Listen Now:

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