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10/3/10: Caveats and Considerations of Cross-Border Real Estate Investing with Attorney Mauricio Rauld

“Go West, Young Man!” has given way to “Go Global, People!”

Back in the fledgling days of the American experience, young opportunity seekers often left the comfort and competition of the mature eastern states to seek their fortune in the emerging markets of the wild, wild West.  Real estate was a big part of the opportunity then – and it’s a big part of the opportunity today.

In the covered wagon, trekking through radio no man’s land in search of real estate fortune:

  • Global real estate pioneer and show host, Robert Helms
  • Wagon maker, puller and repairman, Russell Gray
  • Attorney Mauricio Rauld

Today’s investors, both stock and real estate, have a growing attraction to foreign markets. And not just developing markets, but thanks to currency fluctuations and an ever more global economy, investors are seeking to take advantage of shifting tides of capital, business and jobs into mature foreign markets as well.

So while there are many opportunities available around the globe, being an investor today requires more sophistication and attention than ever before.  Some are happy to simply work hard, live below their means, save money and turn it over to Wall Street and the government to provide for their future.

Others have decided to take control of their financial future and invest the time, money and effort to find investments they can understand and manage themselves.  For people like this, God created real estate.

But before you get dollar signs in your eyes and charge off to buy cheap, beautiful property in warm, affordable, tax favorable markets (which is SOOOO tempting), it’s smart to get some guidance from people who’ve gone before.  Remember, pioneers are the guys who get arrows in their chests while they discover new opportunity.  Settlers are the folks who learn from the pioneers and come in and develop the opportunity.

So, with that verbose prelude, this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show features an interview with an attorney who serves as general counsel to an international real estate investor and developer.  His job is to help his client avoid the arrows – and to extract them when one strikes.

Listen in and discover what things YOU should be thinking about as your take your real estate investing across the border.

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Note:  Attorney Mauricio Rauld will be one our esteemed faculty members for our 9th annual Investor Summit at Sea


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