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10/28/12: Halloween Horror Stories – What Property Problems Can Teach Investors

We’re not sure if it’s part of a bigger plan, but have you noticed that Halloween precedes Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) which precedes Christmas?

Now we understand that some folks don’t like Halloween, while others don’t like Christmas; and of course, not everyone in the world celebrates Thanksgiving, which is really an American holiday.  But let all that go for a minute and consider this…

Halloween is a scary time when bad stuff happens.  Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks.  And Christmas (in addition to its religious meaning) is a time of giving and receiving gifts.

So what?

Well, after going through a lot of scary stuff in our real estate investing careers (and watching lots of others too), we’ve found that the most useful reaction to difficulties is to be thankful.  Sounds crazy, we know.  But it’s true.  There’s something about gratitude that unleashes hope, energy and creativity – all of which are really helpful when dealing with crazy stuff.

And, we’ve noticed that something really amazing usually follows approaching life with an attitude of gratitude:  people are more willing to give you help.  Why?  We’re not sure, but we think it has something to so with you giving the gift of appreciation first.  It’s kind of like a gift exchange at Christmas.

So what does all this have to do with this year’s edition of Halloween Horror Stories?  Just another reminder that real estate investing isn’t always peaches and cream.  But when the inevitable bad stuff happens, there’s a lot you can do and learn if you approach the adversity with the right attitude.

We know.  It’s easier said than done.  That’s why we like to take this time each year and talk about the bad stuff.  We all get into real estate investing for the rental checks.  But sometimes, the properties deliver reality checks.  We’ve found talking about the experiences can be educational and therapeutic.

So listen in to another spooktacular session of Halloween Horror Stories with The Real Estate Guys™ and get some lessons.  But more importantly, take a few minutes to reflect back on some of our own horror stories and be thankful for the opportunity to learn.  Then take the gift of appreciation to the marketplace, share your knowledge, and see what amazing good gifts the world gives back to you!

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