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10/30/11: Halloween Horror Stories – Terrifying Tales of Troubles and Lessons Learned

Aughhhh!!!!  Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.  We often say that real estate investing has “hair” on it – and no one likes a bad hair day.  Wouldn’t it be great to minimize the ugly?  You can!

Each year, we gather up terrifying tales of trials and tribulations from intrepid real estate investors all over –  and recount them for your Halloween pleasure.

We discuss the problem, the solution and most importantly, the lesson. The good news is that even though someone suffered financial and emotional distress in each of these cases, YOU can have the lesson for just a small investment of your time.  What a treat!

In the studio crypt for this eerie episode of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show:

  • Your creepy host, Robert Helms
  • Your cryptic co-host, Russell Gray
  • The ancient and eerie Godfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms

Pain is life’s way of getting your attention when it wants to teach you something.  As real estate investors, we buy properties because we want a steady and growing stream of rent checks.  But every now and then, life sneaks a reality check into the pile – and we have to deal with the dark side of investing.

While many real estate investing “boogey men” can be avoided, sometimes things happen that no amount of prudence, preparation or diligence can prevent.  The technical term for his is “$#!+ happens”.  However, even though we can’t control external forces, we can choose how to respond.

What’s important to remember is that no real estate investor gets a pass on tough times.  So winning isn’t about avoiding trouble, it’s about learning how to respond better and recover quicker.  As we grow in experience, our responses become more effective.

The goal is to get the most experience for the least amount of pain!  And that’s what Halloween Horror stories are all about.

So grab your bag of trick or treat candy and settle in for a spooky foray into lessons learned from the pain of others:

  • The Incredible Shrinking Loan
  • Lots of Terror
  • Beware the VERY Friendly Agent
  • Drip, Drip, Drip
  • A Bang in the Night

Listen Now:

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