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12/6/09: The Home Stretch – Year End Strategies with Attorney Garrett Sutton

The end of the year is a great time to look back and grab lessons from the past so you can apply them to your plans for the new year.  It’s also a great time to clean up loose ends and organize yourself for a fast start in January.  While it’s exciting to build your portfolio, it also means you have more details to manage.  Being organized is no longer a luxury.  It’s a necessity!  On this broadcast, The Real Estate Guys focus on some of the many often overlooked, yet very important details of keeping your real estate empire tidy.

On this broadcast, making their lists and checking them twice are:

  • Your Host, Robert Helms
  • Co-Host and Chief Financial Organizer, Russell Gray
  • The Godfather of Real Estate, Bob Helms
  • Special Guest: Rich Dad Advisor, Attorney and Author, Garrett Sutton

The show kicks off with a quick discussion of the importance of getting off the hamster wheel long enough to take time to both reflect on the past and to plan for the future.  “Busy” isn’t always productive.  It’s important to work smart.  A big part of working smart is having a personal advisory board to help you know what to do.  But who do you need and how do you work with them?

Joining in on the discussion is attorney Garret Sutton.  Garrett begins with a review of essential asset protection strategies for real estate investors.  Then he provides important updates on upcoming and potential changes to tax, estate and asset protection laws that affect real estate investors.

In today’s challenging economy, it’s important to make every dollar count.  Garrett shares critical information about changes in fees related to entity formation and maintenance.  This leads to a discussion of jurisdictions which offer the best protection and privacy for the price.  He also reveals a little known technique to minimize the costs of moving an entity from one jurisdiction to another.  Good stuff!

Garret closes out with important reminders about critical, though mundane, tasks which should be attended to in order to maximize asset protection.  The Guys go on to discuss other items which should be considered in year end planning.  The show wraps up with an overall outlook for the new year.

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