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One Million Downloads and Growing!

The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show podcast just went over ONE MILLION DOWNLOADS!

Okay, so we’re not Lady Gaga  or the Black Eyed Peas (though we did think about changing our name to Real Guy Guys or the Gray Haired Guys), but we still have our big #1 foam fingers on.

But WHY should YOU care?

Here’s why: If you’re even reading this your probably have more than a passing interest in your financial future and the role real estate can play in making it better.  The success of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show™ not only affirms that we are handsome, talented and well-endowed with wisdom (did we mention our unsurpassed humility?), BUT it shows that real estate is far from over from an INVESTOR’s perspective.  In fact, our audience has DOUBLED in the last year!

PLUS, there are over 20% more real estate podcasts in iTunes top 200 best-sellers than a year ago.

So it seems to us that more and more people are becoming interested in real estate as a long term investment and are looking for information on how to make equity (and cash flow!) happen to them.

Let’s face it.  The economy has issues. Rising government debt, impending shutdowns, a suspect and potentially corrupt financial system, ever growing insecurity about Social Security, Quantative Easing (have you seen oil, gas and food prices?), states and municipalities on the brink of bankruptcy, and……..okay we’ll let up now.  This is depressing……or is it?

Entrepreneurs know that problems are opportunities to provides goods and services to people needing help.  Unless you think America and the world’s economy is DEAD FOREVER, then people will still need real estate to live and conduct business in.  What kind, where, how much they’re able to pay, financing options, taxes, and all the details change.  But the basic human need and the business model that supports real estate hasn’t changed at all.

In an unstable world, investors seek stability. But all the mainstream marketing budgets and financial advisors point to Wall Street, so it’s been hard for Main Street investors to discover and access alternative investment concepts and opportunities. But times are changing.

The internet, the proliferation of broadband access and all the related tools from laptops to smart phones to iPads, have created distribution channels for new voices to enter the dialog.  Radio was and still is an awesome communication tool.  We’re extremely proud of our 14 years on conventional airwaves.  But even radio hasn’t given us the reach that podcasting has.  We have listeners ALL OVER THE PLANET, a fact which never ceases to amaze us.

In fact, this blog is being typed from a hotel in Fort Lauderdale the night before our Secrets of Successful Syndication seminar.  We have people here from Panama, Papua New Guinea, and many, many U.S. states!  We’ve had people from Canada, France, Russia and Germany (and we’re probably forgetting some) that have been on our field trips and our annual Investor Summit at Sea™.

So we’re VERY EXCITED about getting to our OUR FIRST MILLION downloads in our short tenure of podcasting.  And we’re thankful to all our old and new fans who keep us #1 on iTunes and send us all kinds of nice messages every day.

But MOST OF ALL, we’re happy that NEW MEDIA is empowering ever-growing millions of people with ideas, information, perspectives and opportunities they might not have otherwise ever found. And we’re very pleased to be a part of the growing community of content providers making it all happen.

So in spite of all the “problems” in our world, it’s really ALL GOOD.  Again, having problems to solve means there are more opportunities to serve people and make money.

Just make sure YOU get in on the action.  Because knowledge is only powerful when acted upon – and the best education is gained through the experience of the real world.  That’s why our motto is Education for Effective Action™.

And one more thing:  Please tell ALL your friends about The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show and podcast.  You do that, and we’ll keep working hard to bring you great guests, interesting topics and our trademark weekly trivia. 🙂


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