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3/6/11: Practicing Safe Syndication

The idea of making big money as a real estate investment fund portfolio manager is enough to get most people all hot and bothered.  But before you go too far, we encourage you to cool down and consider practicing safe syndication.

In the broadcast clinic for this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show:

  • Your guru of group deals, host Robert Helms
  • The doctor of details, co-host Russell Gray
  • Special guest and resident “wet blanket”, attorney Mauricio Rauld

We’ve had syndication on the brain for several weeks now.  It could be that spring is coming or more likely, that many factors have come together to magnify the attraction of organizing and managing an investment fund.

But this episode isn’t about all the fun and opportunity you”ll have.  Rather, we invited attorney Mauricio Rauld to talk about all the legal responsibilities that are part of setting up a syndication.  Even though these types of activities start out innocently enough, if you don’t have a firm understanding of where the boundaries are, it’s easy to cross them and end up afoul of regulators.  And that can just ruin the whole experience!

So tune in and discover important details about properly setting up your business entity, documenting your offering, and complying with the various restrictions on promoting to potential investors.  Because although syndicating is fun and exciting, it’s important to approach the whole experience in a safe and sane manner.  That way, it’s good for both you and your investors.

Listen now:

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