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5/1/11: Art of the Comeback – One Small Developer’s Battle with the Bank Over a Broken Deal

Donald Trump’s legendary comeback is one of the great real estate stories in recent history.  But how do you relate to anything The Donald goes through?  We found a small developer whose David vs Goliath story has less zeros and lots of lessons for small fry like us.

In the mobile recording chariot for another race around the track of radio excellence:

  • Your broadcast Ben Hur and host, Robert Helms
  • Your co-host and chief chariot puller, Russell Gray
  • Special guest, real estate developer and syndicator, Malcolm Davies

So you’re a big shot small time developer.  You’ve raised money and built projects.  You’re a thirty-something self-made millionaire. The Great Recession isn’t even a glimmer in Ben Bernanke’s eye and life is good.

Now you’re 20 literally feet deep into your most ambitious project and a not-so-funny thing happens on the way to your next construction draw.  The bank who begged for your business gets cold feet and leaves you unloved and unfunded.  Ouch. And it get’s worse.

Welcome to Malcolm in the Middle…of a big mess. What do you do when Goliath Regional Bank (not their real name) with their legion of lawyers are lined up against you?  You can assume the position (fetal) and quit.  Or you can gird up your stones in a sling to stay and fight.

Tune into this exciting episode of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show and find out what happens next in this modern day tale of Davies vs Goliath.  You’ll gain valuable lessons about how tenacity, integrity and the right team can overcome even the most daunting odds.

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