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Attorney Garrett Sutton joins Summit faculty

The Real Estate Guys are proud to announce that Attorney Garrett Sutton will be a special guest teacher on their 8th Annual Investor Summit at Sea April 9-17, 2010.

Garrett Sutton is one one of Robert Kiyosaki’s original Rich Dad Advisors and has spoken all over the world on the topic of partnership formation and asset protection for investors.  He is a best selling author and has over 25 years experience practicing law with offices in Wyoming, Nevada and California.  Garrett has been a guest on both The Real Estate Guys radio and TV shows, in addition to being featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Many people believe 2010 will be a great year for real estate acquisition.  If you see more opportunity than you have money, then setting up investing partnerships could be your formula for success.  But when you are investing other people’s money, having a strong understanding of the legal requirements is critical.  At this year’s Summit, Garrett will be teaching on what you need to to know to do investing partnerships right.

Also, in today’s lawsuit prone society, it’s important to have an asset protection structure in place and know how to use it properly. What’s the point in earning a fortune only to lose it all in a frivolous law suit?  Garrett will explain entity structuring to maximize protection and minimize costs.

Best of all, Garrett will be on board the cruise ship with us for 8 days and 7 nights, so attendees will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Take advantage of this RARE OPPORTUNITY to spend time with Garrett Sutton and the rest of The Real Estate Guys Summit at Sea faculty.  Sign up today!


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