Nicaragua Farmland Tour – Jul 1-2, 2017

When stock markets crash, trees keep growing …

Plant some stability into your long term portfolio by investing in agriculture!


Timber, Coconut, Coffee & Real Estate Discovery Tour


July 1-2, 2017


Come spend an informative, relaxing weekend in sunny, beautiful Nicaragua, getting to know the best potential tenants you’ll ever meet.


They’re quiet. They make no demands. Best of all, they always pay the rent on time … that’s right, these tenants aren’t people. They’re trees!

In the words of Jeremy Grantham, timber is “the only low-risk, high return asset class.”

Here at The Real Estate Guys™, we’re a big fan of getting our boots on the ground. So when we spot an interesting trip hosted by someone else, we like to give it a shout out.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what past tour participants had to say:

“There was no pressure, no hard sell, just good honest people who work hard.” – Carl Z.

“I found what I was looking for, a company I could trust.” – Steve T.

“I was apprehensive at first, but am so happy I decided to go.” – Tina W.

Precious Timber’s two-day tours offer investors an opportunity to get to know their exciting asset classes in a welcoming, educational environment.

A preview of what you’ll get to experience:

Still not convinced? Consider these benefits of expanding your portfolio with Precious Timber’s alternative assets:

  • Privacy, asset protection, and tax benefits from investing offshore
  • Socially conscious investing that produces jobs and bolsters the local environment
  • Environmentally conscious investing in a renewable resource
  • Direct ownership of real assets
  • Long-term growth with market-beating returns

Sound like a smart investment? Join us!

On Precious Timber’s discover tour, designed for accredited investors only, you’ll experience two due-diligence focused, fun-filled days. See itinerary highlights below:


  • Visit local charitable works
  • Tour of mature precious hardwood trees in Sapoa and Guadalupe forests
  • Lunch and tour at La Rejega Coconut Plantation
  • Beach-front dinner


  • Tour of young precious hardwood trees in La Estancia Forest
  • Tour of the Valle Nuevo Amanecer Coconut Plantation
  • Message from the CEO + Q & As
  • Visit Paradise Bay (an oceanfront residential property) & the Pacific coastline

Each tour is limited to 12 people to maximize investor experience and provide a collegial environment. Spots fill up quickly, so if you’re interested, get in touch NOW!


July 1-2, 2017


Simply fill out the form below and a Precious Timber team member will be in touch with you shortly!

Investment Property Showcase

Field Training, Market Tours, Property Workshops and More!



When it comes to real estate investing, there’s just nothing quite like getting out in the real world to meet people and find deals.

Of course, it’s hard work to figure all that out on your own.  Phone calls, flights back and forth, car rentals, interviews, mapping out routes … it can be really expensive and time-consuming!

That’s why field training, market tours and property workshops are our FAVORITE ways to get to know a market, build a local team, and find investment property opportunities.

Organized group trips are WAY more efficient.  You can get so much done in just a few days … and for a fraction of the cost!

So here’s a hot list of upcoming market and property trips to help YOU meet the market and property of your dreams …


Timber, Coconuts, and Coffee Nicaragua Farmland Tour – July 1-2, 2017
Get an up-close and in-depth look at an exciting asset class during Precious Timber’s two-day tours to Nicaragua! Tropical hardwood and coconut trees are becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, and these tours allow investors to see plantations and product uses up close and personal. Whether you’re looking for capital preservation, capital appreciation, or long-term income, this alternative asset class may prove to be your answer!




Indianapolis Market and Property Tour  –  July 7-9, 2017
Join our friend Aaron Adams to discover one of the fastest growing markets in the Midwest! New residents are flocking to this Midwestern city for its prime combination of JOBS, AFFORDABILITY, and FUN. Looking for a growing market with long-term demand? Indianapolis just might be the place. On this tour, Aaron will show you his proven real estate investment model and let you in on some of his best tricks of the trade.




Panama Coffee Farm Tour – July 28-30, 2017
Come tour David Sewell’s actively operating specialty coffee farm!  In beautiful Boquete, Panama, you’ll wake up and smell the cash flowing in from all over the world.  See for yourself how you can caffeinate your investment portfolio with a diverse and dedicated (we liked that word better than addicted) customer base that spans the entire globe.And at the same time, invest in the local well-being of Panamanian farmers and families.  Space is limited to 12 guests per tour, so reserve your spot now.




Orlando Property Tour and Workshop – July 28-30, 2017
If we told you Orlando was experiencing one of the BIGGEST economic surges in the U.S., would you be interested? Because it is … and you should be! Orlando presents an ideal combination of market factors … high demand, scarce supply, a new influx of wealth, and local economic stability. On this tour with Greater Orlando Home Buyers, you’ll get a chance to explore the market, meet local pros, and visit exclusive investment properties.




Belize Resort Property Investing Tour with Robert Helms – August 18-21, 2017
Words can’t describe the beauty and charm that is Belize. The best way to get to know this picture-perfect tropical island? See it yourself! On this fun-filled and educational tour, you’ll receive insider market knowledge from The Real Estate Guys™ and meet local market experts. A prime location with warm weather and balmy Caribbean seas, Belize is only increasing in popularity. Join us to discover this in-demand market for yourself!




Indianapolis Market and Property Tour – Jul 7-9, 2017

 July 7-9, 2017


We love turnkey, cash flowing real estate … You too?  Check out Indy!


  • In 2015, Indy became the second most POPULOUS city in the Midwest

  • Indy is fast becoming one of the Top Distribution Hubs in the U.S.

  • Millennials are flocking to Indy for JOBS, Affordability, and FUN

  • Indy is named a “Silicon Valley of the Midwest” attracting diverse businesses

What does all this love on Indy mean for you? Really, two things …




But what use is a great market without a great team …

Our friend, Aaron Adams, is one of those guys you meet and you just want to do business with. He has done thousands of deals and currently manages over 2,000 rental properties for his investors.

Aaron is a relationship guy with a people-focused real estate philosophy.  His investment strategy is based on market trends – find out where people are moving and why. Then provide affordable homes to them.  And he’s really good at it!

He chooses markets with strong economic drivers.  Markets that are transitioning from working class to middle class neighborhoods and markets that possess key indicators to support long-term demand.

And then, he creates cash-flowing properties in those markets with the right team to maximize profits.

Indianapolis is one of those markets.  And his team is top-notch.

Don’t just take our word for it … Take your investing to the next level with a due diligence trip to Indy yourself!

We’re all about Education for Effective Action™.  You won’t make money on property you don’t own.  So start taking steps.  Indy could quite possibly be one of your favorite markets and Aaron, your go-to provider … It’s worth checking out for sure!


Tour Logistics:


When you join Aaron on his next Indianapolis Market and Property Tour, you’ll …


  • Discover why so many are racing to the Indianapolis Market!

  • Learn Aaron’s proven systems for creating streams of Passive Cash Flow and “Mailbox Money”

  • Get expert Tricks of the Trade for Evaluating, Buying and Cash Flowing from real estate

  • See a Proven, Thriving Real Estate Investment Model … from the acquisition process, through the rehab, to the property management, including screening, placing and servicing tenants

  • Get in the field and learn hands-on how to Identify the Best Neighborhoods for Cash Flow and Appreciation

  • Leverage into even more real estate by learning to Aaron’s techniques for wraparound mortgages and seller financing

  • And even … have a chance to get in on Exclusive Investment Properties with Non-Recourse Financing already in place!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

July 7-9, 2017

Only $497 per person


Request more info by simply completing the form below …

06/14/15: How to Know When a Market is Too Hot…and What to Do About It

Riding the wave of a hot market can be one of the most thrilling times of a real estate investor’s career.

Of course, skilled equity surfers know how to exit before the wave breaks on top of them.  But how?

That’s the topic of this exciting episode of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show!

Waxing down our microphones to ride the airwaves of talk radio…

  • Your hang ten host, Robert Helms
  • His hanging on co-host, Russell Gray

With all the talk about whether or not the stock market is overheated, we thought it was time to take a look at real estate and ask the same question.

Of course, real estate isn’t an asset class…because no two properties are the same.  So it really comes down to what’s happening in your local market.

Nonetheless, some of the principles of recognizing when a market transitions from appreciation based on fundamentals…to appreciation based on hot (and sometimes dumb) money chasing a trend…apply to real estate just as they do to stocks.

The nice thing about real estate…which is also one of the dangers…is it moves slowly.  And while it’s easy to be proactive…it’s also easy to fall asleep at the wheel.

So how do you know when a market is getting too hot?

No surprise, it’s mostly common sense…a little math…and keeping your greed under control.

So what does that look like?

First, you have to remember where value comes from…and it’s NOT the “greater fool”.

The “greater fool” concept drives a lot of “investing”…where you buy low today in the hopes some greater fool will come along tomorrow and pay you more.  Thus you book “a profit” for doing nothing more than carrying the asset for a period of time.

In buy and hold real estate investing…and arguably in all types of long term investing…value comes from income.

So when an asset produces income it has value.  The more income…the more value.

Therefore, when an asset’s PRICE starts to climb, the first thing to ask yourself is whether that’s driven by an increase in INCOME…or if it’s simply a greater fool paying MORE for the SAME income.

Obviously, the latter can only go in for so long before the party has to end.

This is one of the problems with the bond markets right now.

For 30 years, investors have been paying more and more for the same income, which drives down yields (interest rates)…until rates fall to next to nothing.

At that point, where can interest rates go?

Right now, interest rates remain VERY low…and therefore very attractive…and even more so when they can be used to get some hot equity off the table.

More on that in a moment…

For now, the lesson is that investors can only bid up an asset price so far…until the income simply can’t support it any more.

And when all that’s left in the market is hot, dumb money chasing a trend…the minute the market cools down..EVERYONE is rushing for the exits.

So, it’s VERY important to note that one of the first ways to recognize a market is heating up is when you see falling cap rates…or rising gross rent multipliers.

These are simply two different ways of saying investors are bidding up prices faster than incomes are growing.

BUT…it’s a little more complicated than that…

Because when interest rates are falling…as they have been…investors can afford to bid up a property’s price faster then the income, but still retain the same cash flow.

In other words, low interest rates are party extenders.  As long as cheap money is flooding into the market, the momentum continues.

But what happens when interest rates begin to rise?

Obviously,  it takes some…and sometimes a LOT…of wind out of the sails.  At least for the speculative money.

So if you’re counting on cheap money being available for the great fool to take you out of an unsustainable position…you’re playing with fire.

Now when it comes to real estate…especially single family homes…sometimes the price appreciation is driven by supply and demand factors.  After all, housing is not a discretionary purchase for most people.

Of course, this further complicates the analysis, but it’s still based on income and interest rates.

After all, a homeowners ability to bid up a price comes largely from their ability to leverage their income into a mortgage.  Rising incomes and falling interest rates will push prices UP…while falling incomes and rising interest rates will exert DOWNWARD pressure.

The challenge is that owner-occupants don’t usually consider the rental value of their property.  They simply look at the payment and decide if they think they can afford it.

But if YOU…the real estate investor…are playing in the single family home market…YOU need to be sure that if you can’t sell the property to a retail buyer…or even another investor (who WILL be looking at the income)…can YOU afford to hold on until market conditions improve?

And if you’re buying any tenant occupied property, even if the cash flow is solid now…and you’re main play is to see sell later for a profit…then even when rents are rising…it’s wise to consider whether wages are rising too.

Sometimes because of low supply and high demand, tenants are simply devoting more of their income to housing.

If so, how long can THAT go on?  And what if other prices, like food, energy and healthcare for example…are going up faster than wages?  That squeezes your tenants even more.

Here’s the point…

When prices are rising and you’re investing into a mature up cycle, be attentive to market selection, tenant demographic, interest rate risk, and net cash flows.

Each acquisition needs to be structured to survive a downturn.

So, if you’re buying a property in a hot market expecting to sell it in the short term for a profit..and you’re not structured to stay in for the long term…even if that’s a Plan B…you may end up in a VERY uncomfortable position.

Of course, if you’re sitting on several appreciated properties and you’re able to refinance them to extract the equity, but end up with sufficient cash flow to conservatively control the property regardless of the short term price direction…it might be a good idea to get some of that equity off the table.

Liquid equity can be useful for snapping up bargains in a downturn…handling cash flow emergencies over the long haul while waiting for a market to recover…or simply moving into a new market which has more upside potential.

When and how you decide to manage your equity will be based on your ability to recognize a hot market and manage your greed…because hot markets can be seductive.

So listen into this episode as we discuss how to recognize when a market gets too hot….and what to do about it.

Listen Now: [sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

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The Real Estate Guys™ radio show and podcast provides real estate investing news, education, training and resources that help real estate investors succeed.

The Real Estate Guys are going back to Atlanta, Georgia!

In case you missed the news, Atlanta home prices were up 19.2 percent in the first quarter, compared with the first quarter of 2012.

In other words, equity happens!

But does that mean the opportunity in Atlanta real estate is over?

Obviously, we don’t think so or we wouldn’t be going back.  We think it only proves that the Atlanta real estate market is attracting buyers.

And for good reason.

Atlanta is one of the biggest metros in the USA.  It’s home to tons of people and several major corporations, including UPS and Home Depot.  Plus it has GREAT infrastructure, which is important to attracting and retaining more people and businesses.

Atlanta is one of the more friendly business states.  And it’s strategically located as a distribution hub for the Southeast.

Atlanta is the state capitol of GeorgiaAtlanta is home to the busiest airport in the U.S. and is the capitol of the state of Georgia.  State government is probably not an industry soon to be outsourced to China.

Atlanta has great medical, transportation and educational infrastructure.  There’s great shopping, entertainment and several major sports franchises.  It’s just a FUN place to live and work – and to visit!

It’s also HUGE.  This means it attracts both state and federal attention when things go sideways.  And whether you or not you like politicians pandering, the fact is that they do it.  So that means big metros get the love in bad times and good.Atlanta is a huge metro and home to several Fortune 100 corporations

Inside of all that hugeness, there are pockets of opportunity.  That is, not EVERY property and neighborhood in Atlanta went up or is a good investment. Some are better than others.

When you understand that, then you know you can go into a big metro and by leveraging local knowledge, you can find those pockets of opportunity that haven’t been discovered by the less diligent.  When you join us on the trip, we’ll teach you how to do that.

Here’s the IMPORTANT thing:  Right now, in spite of the great APPRECIATION Atlanta has experienced, many properties are still selling BELOW replacement cost – and well below their 2007 highs.

What’s even more exciting is that even at today’s prices and interest rates, rental homes in Atlanta still CASH FLOW.  And cash flow is the key to controlling the property while equity happens over time.

Is there more equity in Atlanta’s future?  Maybe.  But the bigger question is whether there’s going to be any in yours.

We can’t say that Atlanta (or Memphis or Belize or Detroit or wherever) is the right market for you.  Only YOU can decide that.  But we’re inviting you to come take a look!  We’ll talk about Personal Investment Philosophy during our Sunday morning strategy session.  Some say that’s one of the most important part so of the trip.

Our experience is that GOOD things happen when we go out and check out new places, meet new people and collect new ideas.  One thing is certain.  No one is coming over to our house to pull us off the couch and hand us an opportunity.

And while the internet is great (after all, that’s how you’re reading this), but it’s the start of an adventure, not the culmination of one.  Real estate happens in the real world.

So we invite YOU to join us in Atlanta on October 25-27.  Worst case, you’ll meet some new friends, learn some new ideas, see some new sights and have some fun.  And who knows?  You just might end up looking back on the trip smiling someday because equity happened to you.

Life is better when equity happens. 🙂

To learn more about The Real Estate Guys™ educational market field trip to Atlanta, Georgia, click here now.

In Memphis, Elvis May Live, but Cash Flow is King!

When it comes to cash flow rental property, Memphis remains a very attractive market for beginning and sophisticated investors alike.  That’s why we keep going back!  Click here to learn more about The Real Estate Guys™ next educational field trip to Memphis, Tennessee.

If you’re a real estate investor looking for cash flowing properties in a major landlord friendly market, you owe it to yourself to take a close look at Memphis.

Memphis was recently named one of the top 20 cash flowing markets for single family homes.  Click here and look for the Wall Street Journal article, “Bang for the Buck: Where Investing in Rental Homes is the Most Profitable”.

Does that mean you should run out and order a few dozen Memphis houses online?

No.  But if you’re serious about building passive income through rental real estate, Memphis is a market you should invest the time and money to get to know.  And The Real Estate Guys™ can help!

Of course, we don’t sell real estate.  We’re just radio guys.  But because of the popularity of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show, we get to know lots of awesome people all over the world…including Memphis!

So we’ve got a great network of Memphis market experts, including property managers and “turnkey” rental property providers, who are ready, willing and able to share their market expertise with you over a 2-1/2 day educational field trip.

The weekend includes classroom sessions, a bus tour of the greater Memphis metro (so you can compare and get to know various neighborhoods) and some great networking over tasty Memphis meals.  We’ll even stop by Graceland and pay our respects to Elvis!

You’ll learn how to tour a real estate market and look for signs of growth and decline.  Plus you’ll meet fellow investors from all over, as well as the local team of Memphis market experts.  No one will try to sell you anything during the trip (not allowed), but you’ll make great contacts for pursuing future opportunities.  The WORST thing that happens is you’ll learn a lot, make some new friends and you’ll have a ton of fun.  C’mon, you’ve always wanted to see Graceland, right?

So CLICK HERE NOW to get all the details and we’ll look forward to seeing YOU in marvelous Memphis, Tennessee!



Memphis on My Mind – October 14-16, 2011

The Real Estate Guys™ are leading an enthusiast group of real estate investors on market field trip – and YOU’RE INVITED!!!

Click here now to learn more about the trip.  We’d love to hang out with you in marvelous Memphis!!!

In Memphis, Cash Flow is King...but so is Elvis!!!

Cash Flow is King

If you’re a fan of the show, you know we’ve been spending a lot of time with Robert Kiyosaki.  One of Mr. K’s favorite words is CASH FLOW (is that one word or two???).

We like cash flow too because it’s where equity comes from.  Income properties are valued by the income they produce.  More income equals more value (equity).  So cash flow and equity investing are NOT mutually exclusive.

One thing you’ll like about Memphis is that properties there tend to CASH FLOW.  Perfect!

The Market Matters

Investing is about being on the right side of demographic and economic moves. When people and money move away, markets weaken.  When people and money move in, markets get stronger.

If you invest in something that others are moving away from (contrarian investing), you may get a deal or may get a dud.  It depends on why the moves are happening.  Do you know what’s happening in the markets you’re in?  Do you know how to tell?  One the biggest benefits of a field trip with The Real Estate Guys™ is we talk about how to read a market.  That’s a skill you can use in ANY market you visit.

On the trip, we’ll talk about what’s moving in Memphis and why.  Good quality of life, low cost of living, and no state income tax are just some of the attractions for both people and businesses.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Market Analysis – A Critical Skill for Real Estate Investors

Most people don’t pick markets strategically.  They find a “good deal” and buy it, then figure the market out later.

And many real estate “tours” are about selling properties, not learning the market.  When you explore a market with The Real Estate Guys™, we focus on explaining the market.  While you can learn  a lot about a market from a distance (thanks to Google!), there’s no substitute for actually being there.  And when you’re on one of our field trips, you have experienced guides and lots of other investors to learn from.  Plus, we ALWAYS have a good time.  🙂

Join The Real Estate Guys™ in Memphis October 14-16th, 2011.  Click here for more info.




Field Trip to Washington DC – June 10-12, 2011

The Real Estate Guys™ have organized a wonderful weekend field trip to Washington DC! This is your chance to look at the nation’s capitol not only as a tourist, but as a real estate investor! Investor Summit at Sea™ faculty member Beth Clifford used this market as a case study in her Summit class on due diligence. We were so impressed we asked her if she would lead a tour patterned after our highly successful Dallas field trips. She agreed!

Click here to download your registration form

Washington DC has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation and has been one of the hottest real estate markets in the last year. It’s always been strong, which is no surprise. After all, we always look for strong sustainable economic drivers that bring outside money into a particular geographic region. As home base to the U.S. federal government, it’s a safe bet that there will always be money funneling in and creating both first and second tier employment. And it’s unlikely the federal government will outsource to India or China!

But there’s more to Washington DC than the federal government. As a major metro, it has a big population and lots of infrastructure. And like every major metro, DC has a plethora of sub-markets and pockets of opportunity. There’s no way to understand the nuances of a market without visiting, which is why The Real Estate Guys™ love field trips!

Field Trip Logistics

When you arrive in Washington DC on Friday afternoon, arrive early enough to catch the shuttle and check into your hotel room. Your field trip tuition includes two night at the hotel we choose to serve as home base for the event.

And here's where we'll have dinner Friday night! (Just kidding)

Friday night, we’ll have a meet and greet, followed by a market overview presentation. Then out to dinner! In addition to seeing a market with your own eyes and meeting several potential members for your local team, one of the things people like best about our trips is the opportunity to interact with the tour guides and other “field trippers”. So we create lots of opportunities for interaction. No wallflowers! Developing relationships is one of the most important activities for a real estate investor.

Saturday morning we’re up and at ’em early. We’ll grab a quick breakfast and hit the road to see the market. We’ll do our best to swing by several of the tourist attractions (also one of the economic drivers), but our main purpose is to compare and contrast the various sub-markets and property types. We want to understand where the best opportunities for cash flow, long term equity growth and/ or quick profits are. We probably won’t figure that out by standing in front of the Washington monument.

Remember, we believe real estate investing is best approached by choosing a market first, then building a team, and then looking for ideal properties. As a result, no properties are for sale on this trip. This isn’t a “fly ‘n buy” or “property tour” where salespeople are eagerly waiting to get you into contract before you fly out on Sunday. You’ll certainly meet some people that you can follow up with when you’re ready, so if you’re hot to buy DC, the trip is still valuable. But our field trips are about understanding the market and building relationships.

Saturday night, we cap off a long day with dinner and conversation before heading back to the hotel for some shut-eye.

Rise and shine on Sunday morning! We’ll have a lively interactive strategy session, some Q&A and our best ideas and action plans debrief. Depending on how much ground we covered on Saturday, we may sneak back out for some more touring. In any case, you’ll learn more about the Washington DC real estate market than most people who live and work there. And you’ll learn due diligence and critical thinking skills that will transfer to any market you decide to explore.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to download your registration form and come explore Washington DC with The Real Estate Guys™!

Explore Enchanting Belize with The Real Estate Guys!

Join Robert Helms, host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show for a memorable weekend discovery trip to the beautiful country of Belize!  Three great dates to choose from: Sep 15-18, Oct 6-9 or Nov 3-6, 2011

Why Belize?

Three words: Location, Location, Location (we’ve heard those are important for real estate).

Click here to download your registration form.

Belize is the former British Honduras and is located just under Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Mainland Belize features lush green tropical rain forests, while it’s Eastern border faces the Caribbean ocean safely nestled behind the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef. The islands are postcard perfect and attract vacationers, diving enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Harrison Ford, and more recently, Reese Witherspoon are known to visit Belize for private, relaxing getaways. Leonardo DiCaprio purchased a 110 acre island known as Blackadore Caye. We’ll show it to you when you attend this discovery trip!

But beyond beautiful, Belize has other unique attributes which make it attractive to investors and tourists alike. Belize is the ONLY country in Latin America whose official language is English. This, and the fact that its currency is pegged at a fixed 2:1 exchange rate with the U.S. dollar, make it a friendly place for Americans. Plus there are direct flights from several U.S. cities including Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Houston and many others. Belize is actually closer for most Americans, Canadians and Europeans than Hawaii!

The Real Estate Guys™ will show you Belize!

Click here to download your registration form.

Robert Helms and his team have been visiting and investing in Belize for several years. He’s led several investor field trips with as few as one couple and as many as forty-five. The feedback on every trip has been over the top positive! Robert will share his extensive market knowledge, introduce you to local market experts, and personally show you the mainland, the islands, and several different developments.

This is an EDUCATIONAL event. This is not one of those “fly n’ buy” sales trips where aggressive salespeople are waiting to pounce on you. We believe the right approach to real estate is to start with the market first, then build a team, and then select property that meets your personal and investment goals. This trip is about exploring the market and meeting people who may become part of your team down the road.

Discover the real estate, banking and lifestyle opportunities available to you in beautiful Belize during a semi-private tour led by The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show host Robert Helms.

Click here to download your registration form.

Trip Logistics

Once you’re enrolled, our registration team will contact you to help arrange your air travel. Your round trip airfare is not included in your tuition, but it’s very important that your arrival is coordinated through our team. While you’re in Belize, virtually all your trip expenses including transportation, hotel accommodations, speaker sessions, materials and most meals are included. Alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, extended stays and certain other incidental expenses are not included. Upon receipt of your completed registration form, we’ll provide you with information about what to wear, pack and expect.

The Opportunity is Now

There are lots of reasons to like a place like Belize (is there any other place like Belize?), but the opportunity today is better than ever!

Americans haven’t lost purchasing power in Belize because of the fixed exchange rate, while many other countries have gained purchasing power because of a soft U.S. dollar. Baby boomers in the U.S. still dream of warm weather, low tax, beautiful places to resort and retire, but many of the more established areas remain relatively expensive in a post recession economy.

Belize offers an English speaking, affordable, “non-touristy”, and reasonably nearby alternative. And popular TV shows like House Hunters International are helping a growing number of people discover Belize as a great option not just for retirement, but also full time residency for a growing new class of telecommuters and independent information workers. Think about it: would you rather sit in a corporate cubicle in Cleveland or a beautiful beach in Belize?

Additionally, Belize still enjoys a great reputation as a tax friendly jurisdiction with strong privacy banking and asset protection laws. As citizens of “developed” countries face increasing concerns about privacy, taxes and frivolous litigation, the affluent are seeking off-shore alternatives in greater numbers than ever.

All of these trends point to increasing demand, but the wave is still growing. Alert investors can position themselves in the market to provide the properties that tourists, retirees, remote workers and ex-pats will want to buy or rent. Besides, if the worst thing that happens is that you have to live or use your property for personal use, would you rather it be a duplex in Detroit or bungalow in Belize? Meanwhile (check with your own tax advisor), once you have investments in Belize, your trips to visit just might be tax deductible. Very cool.

A Visit is with Worth a Million Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a personal visit to paradise is worth at least a million. Come see it with your own eyes!

Click here to download your registration form now.
We look forward to seeing YOU in beautiful Belize!

Let’s Go to Beautiful Belize!

Quick!  Before you let your summer end, squeeze in just one more FUN trip! And to make sure you have no guilt about having going, let’s make it an EDUCATIONAL trip designed to ENHANCE YOUR INVESTMENT KNOWLEDGE.  Now that sounds like a REALLY GREAT IDEA!

Do you feel the sand in your toes and the warm ocean breeze? No. Because this is only a picture. But we did when we took it. And so can you when you join us in Belize!

Here are SEVEN REASONS to join The Real Estate Guys™ on the next FIELD TRIP TO BELIZE:

  1. Belize is warm, beautiful, friendly and fun.  Much better than looking at fixer uppers in Detroit or Oakland.
  2. Belize is still a largely undiscovered country.  Imagine getting to Hawaii or the Bahamas before the rest of the world figured it out.  But once you’re there, you don’t have to wait as long.  The pace of discovery is much shorter now.  There’s a reason Belize is one of fastest growing cruise destinations.
  3. Robert has been studying Belize for three years.  He and his team have several dozen trips under their belt.  It’s always better to go exploring with an experienced guide. You’ll be amazed at how much you see and learn in just 3-1/2 days.
  4. Did we mention Belize is warm, beautiful, friendly and fun?
  5. Robert will introduce you to real estate developers, brokers, bankers and other important local contacts.  It’s power networking in your shorts.  You’ll be better connected in one weekend than most people are after several months.
  6. It’s a GREAT ITINERARY!  You’ll see the mainland, the biggest cities, the #1 tourist destination,and the islands (including Leonardo DiCaprio’s) while you travel by bus, boat and plane throughout the country.
  7. You’ll make new friends. Every field trip and investor summit, we not only get to know our guests, but they get to know each other.  And you never know who you’ll meet or what good thing may come from it.  But one thing is for sure: if you don’t go, it’s certain you won’t meet anyone.  So come join the fun!  Watch the video.

Still not convinced?  Check out these comments from some past attendees.

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This MUCH better than a seminar in a hotel conference center!

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