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Unleash the Hidden Power of Your Retirement Account

There’s a new drug taking hold of Americans … it’s called “hope-ium.” How does it work? Well, you simply smoke a lot of hope-ium … and hope things will work out.

While being optimistic can help, relying only on hope won’t get you anywhere.

Smart real estate investors take control of their portfolio … from big real estate deals to basics like their retirement accounts.

In this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ we’ll discuss how to unleash hidden power from your retirement accounts … and steer your way to a successful future!

On the show today, you’ll hear from:

  • Your anti-hope-ium host, Robert Helms
  • His hoping-for-a-break co-host, Russell Gray
  • Published author and financial mentor, Damion Lupo



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From newbie to retirement plan expert

Real estate investing is all about the strategic use of debt. We’ve been in the real estate business for years … and in that time, we’ve seen so many people who had heaps of financial power they just didn’t understand.

Even our guest, the brilliant Damion Lupo, didn’t realize certain retirement accounts could be used for investing freely in alternative assets until a friend introduced him to the idea.

Damion got involved in real estate when he saw Robert Kiyosaki, first on an infomercial and then in person. Over the next five or six years, he built a $20 million portfolio … and then had quite the shock when he received a $672,000 tax bill.

Damion realized there was a better way to do things. “It was a trial by fire,” he told us. So he educated himself on the tools he had missed as a beginner.

Today, Damion’s such an expert that he’s written a book on the subject of investing with retirement money, called the Total Control Financial Guide to the Qualified Retirement Plan.

Damion’s co-author, John D’Arco, is a qualified tax professional, so we feel confident in saying their book covers the ins-and-outs of retirement plans.

We asked Damion to explain what he’s learned over the years about how to invest with retirement accounts.

To start, Damion shared our frustrations about folks who have power at their hands … but don’t realize it.

With retirement accounts, sometimes equity is right under your nose.

A lot of folks put retirement out of their minds, thinking that their employer’s plan will be good enough and hoping they’ll have enough money to take care of themselves in later stages of their life.

But guess what? You don’t have to rely on your employer’s plan. YOU can take charge of your financial future.

Although many people aren’t aware of the option, a Solo 401(k) offers a high degree of control, allowing the self-employed to build a financial fortress for their future.

With a Solo 401(k), you can’t just throw darts and hope it will work out … but if you’re committed to spending the time to make strategic decisions, that shouldn’t be a problem.

What a Solo 401(k) can do for you

Damion told us you can’t put very much money into an IRA, but a Solo 401(k) plans allow users to deposit over $50,000 a year.

Another plus of the Solo 401(k) is if you use your retirement money to invest, you avoid taxes on debt-financed income you would accrue were you to invest with the money in an IRA.

A great element of the Solo 401(k) is owners can withdraw up to $50,000 at any time, simply by writing themselves a check (unlike other retirement accounts, which normally don’t allow withdrawals until actual retirement).

If you choose, your Solo 401(k) can include a Roth element as well. This is a huge bonus because the money that goes into a Roth account is taxed beforehand, instead of when an asset sells or you withdraw it.

Because no one can predict future tax rates, the Roth component is a great way to opt-out of future taxes and set yourself up for major security and peace in your retirement years.

It’s not the end-all-be-all, and it’s not appropriate for every investor, but the Roth component of the plan can be an amazing tool.

The only catch of the Solo 401(k) plan is you have to be self-employed … and we don’t think that’s a very big catch, because if you invest in real estate seriously, at some point your hobby will become a business.

Solo 401(k) plans are a great option because they offer a high degree of control. They also present more risks because as the account owner, YOU are the sole custodian.

Damion reminded us of the very true fact that “Investing is a team sport.”

To minimize risk, he recommends building a team of advisors and tax professionals who have the expertise to tell you when you’re making a mistake.

Are you interested in the benefits of a qualified retirement plan? Listen in to get access to a premium report Damion compiled for us that contains information about who qualifies, the nuts and bolts of a QRP, and MORE!

What I wish investors knew …

We asked Damion whether there were any frequently made mistakes he’d like new investors to be aware of … and whether there are any facts investors often fail to realize about qualified retirement plans.

He honed in on two major ideas.

First, investors often fail to be careful. Damion warned us that with QRPs, investors can’t play into the gray. With these plans, what you can and can’t do is black and white, and failing to get advice can be a crucial mistake.

When investors realize they can use their retirement account money for almost anything, sometimes they make unwise decisions … investing from their glands.

Damion’s seen people take money out of mutual funds and invest in neighbors’ restaurants or loan money to family members.

That brings us to a very true fact … just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Damion’s second piece of advice is investors often don’t realize by being smart, they can set their families up to be professional investors using qualified retirement plans.

For example, by “hiring” a parent or grandparent, children can inherit accounts upon the death of those family members, allowing them to use the money in the account AND continue to invest in it.

Another tool in your portfolio-management toolbox

Our crazy-informative session with Damion Lupo is simply evidence of the value of getting out in the real world, meeting interesting people, and staying in touch!

You never know the ideas people you meet will acquire and share with you.

We’re glad we could take what we’ve learned from Damion and pass it on to YOU … and we hope you got some new ideas from this session!

One thing to remember as you take what you’ve learned into the real world is that investors have to think about more than just the deals.

We know, making deals is exciting! The rush of making a good deal is part of the reason every real estate investor is in the game.

Setting up a qualified retirement plan may not be satisfying to a deal junkie, but to a serious investor, it’s a way to increase stability on both the business side and the portfolio-management side.

We’re a big fan of anything that allows you to mitigate risk and create wealth that can sustain you through possibility instability … and smart investing with a QRP definitely fits the bill!

This week, go out and make some equity happen! (And maybe reexamine your retirement accounts!)

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