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12/5/10: Best Of Replay – Career Opportunities in Real Estate


Sounds like a late night infomerical pitch, right?  Well, not exactly.  You’d have to throw in “NO MONEY, NO BRAINS, NO TALENT and NO EFFORT NEEDED!  Your shoes don’t even have to match!  For just three easy payments, we’ll show you how YOU can become the next Donald Trump!”

Why do these pitches work?  Because people almost universally want big money, flexible hours and to be their own boss.  These are some of the great appeals to real estate as a career.  And when the traditional job market is depressed, even more people look at real estate as way to make money.   Have you noticed that the job market is depressed lately?

Even though for the casual observer, some (most?) of the glitter has rubbed off real estate, the reality is that prices and interest rates are better than they’ve been in years.  These once-in-a-lifetime circumstances are drawing investors into the marketplace.  And with the Fed overtly committed to aggressive “quantitative easing”, it isn’t hard to imagine that somewhere down the road price appreciation will return to normal levels (at least!).  But we digress.

The point is that there’s a lot of work to be done in the real estate market to move properties from distressed owners back to banks and then to new owners.  And in many cases, the property will change hands more than once, as investors insert themselves into the process.  It seems to us that with a lot of people out of work and a lot of work to be done, some folks might want to revisit real estate as a way to make a living.

While most people think of a career in real estate primarily as selling houses to people who’ll live in them, there are actually many other options!  In this episode, The Real Estate Guys™ explore the variety of opportunities available when considering real estate as a full time vocation, whether as an agent or an investor – or both!

In the silver DeLorean radio studio for a trip Back to the Future for a show originally broadcast in 2008:

  • Your host and professor of pontification, host Robert Helms
  • Your co-host and fondler of the flux capacitor, co-host Russell Gray
  • The Father Time of real estate, the Godfather, Bob Helms

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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