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10/25/09: Halloween Horror Stories

In the haunted house for this spooky show are:Tales from the Crypt

  • Host, Robert Helms
  • Co-Host, Russell Gray
  • “The Godfather of Real Estate” Bob Helms

We love real estate and believe it’s arguably the greatest wealth building vehicle available to the average person.  Robert Kiyosaki says,  “Real estate is freedom.”

But (and it’s a BIG but) sometimes real estate is a real pain in the butt.  When (not if) problems happen to you, how you approach the challenge will often dictate whether and how well you solve it.  Most importantly, what you takeaway from the experience will be a major factor in your future success.

So once a year, and only once a year, The Real Estate Guys dedicate an entire show to our now famous (infamous?) Halloween Horror Stories (lightning, thunder, scary organ music…).

On this year’s edition we talk about these eerie real life cases:

  • The Smokin’ Deal
  • I Don’t Need No Stinking Permits
  • Security You Can Bank On
  • Who Let the Dogs Out?
  • The Case of the Mysterious Owner

For each ghoulish case, the Guys describe the Problem in gory detail before moving on to the real life (and other possible) solutions.  Then, the story is wrapped up with a valuable take away lesson.

Someone paid full price for the lesson, but when you listen to The Real Estate Guys, you can get the lesson for free – or at least really, really cheap!

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