Phoenix Market Report

Phoenix is one of the most robust markets today … and that means OPPORTUNITIES for real estate investors. People are moving to “The Valley of the Sun” in droves … and demand for affordable rentals is outdoing supply. The team at P. J. Hussey is here to help you hit the ground running. Learn more about what this growing market has to offer in this special report!

10 Steps to Resort Rehab Riches Webinar

10 Steps to Resort Rehab Riches Webinar

Revamping resorts makes for a fabulous lifestyle investment … with major tax benefits, high returns, and the bonus of personal-use time for the year-round vacation of your dreams. In this newly released webinar, Josh McCallen and the team at Accountable Equity share how they identify profitable resort rehab opportunities … and how you can do the same.

Market analysis for dummies …

Buying an income producing property is an investment in the underlying economy. That’s REALLY where the income originates. That’s why we put so much emphasis on market analysis. Investors who focus exclusively on deal analysis (crunching the numbers on the property) but fail to underwrite the market sometimes end up in a mess. The context of a deal is …

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Tariffs, Taxes and Trade Wars – Insights for Real Estate Investors

There’s a lot of talk in the media about tariffs, taxes, and trade … what does all of that really mean for real estate investors? As a real estate investor, you need to understand what is going on economically. What’s happening at an international level can trickle down to your local playing field. To help …

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