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11/14/10: Where’s the Deal? A Candid Conversation with a Real Estate Legend

When it comes to icons in real estate, there are flashy household names known by most of the TV watching, non-real estate investing public.  Then there are the icons of industry, who are anonymous in public, but well known and respected among the people who really do the business of real estate.

Since the mainstream media does a great job of providing regular sound bites from the flashy names, we thought we’d bring you a candid interview with an industry icon who literally wrote the book on real estate syndication.

On location in the boardroom of Standard Management Company are:

  • Your legendary host and icon of audio, Robert Helms
  • Your anonymous co-host, Russell Gray
  • Founder and President of Standard Management Company, Sam Freshman

One of the great services The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show provides our audience is access to people who are hard to find – and even more difficult to access.  It isn’t that they’re aloof, but they aren’t publicity hounds, so you could be sitting next to them on an airplane or in a restaurant and you’d never know you had a brush with greatness.  Sam Freshman is a guy like that.

As you’ll learn when you listen to this episode, Sam started out in life working hard and being diligent – and has been doing so ever since.  He sought out and heeded good advice,  then showed up every day for work and did his best.  One good decision at a time he built a very successful real estate syndication business.

In his late 70’s today, and well past any financial need to work, Sam still gets up every day and goes to the office to tend to his investors’ funds.  It was on one such day that we caught up with him and were privileged to find out where he came from, what he’s done, what he’s doing, and where he sees the real estate market going.

We titled this episode, “Where the Deal?” because that’s the first thing Sam asked us when the interview was over.  Sam reminded us that real estate isn’t a very complicated business.  It’s simply a matter of matching money with opportunity and knowing that if you can find a great deal, money will be easy to find.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and learned a lot.  We captured all we could in the space of an hour.  We got some real pearls of wisdom that we’re excited to share with you.  Enjoy!

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