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The Real Estate Guys will be at The New Orleans Investment Conference in November

New Orleans Investment Conference 2013

What mysteries lurk behind the mask of this economic recovery?  Is it real or is it just a big tease?

Robert Helms and Russell Gray, the hosts of The Real Estate Guys™ radio show head to The New Orleans Investment Conference November 10-13, 2013 for find out!

In fact, rumor has it, we’re even going to get some stage time to share our own thoughts on the state of the real estate investment market as we wind down 2013.  Join us!

The New Orleans Investment Conference was founded in 1974 and is described as The World’s Greatest Investment Event. We covered it last year and it was great!

Peter Schiff will explain how to profit from stagflationThe 2013 New Orleans Investment Conference features a host of renowned commentators and experts on economics, policy and investing including Marc Faber, Charles Krauthammer, Ron Paul, Robert Prechter, Peter Schiff and Mark Skousen.

To be clear, the New Orleans Investment Conference isn’t necessarily about real estate. It’s about investing. And if we didn’t learn anything from the Great Recession, we certainly found that the various financial markets and investment vehicles all have an effect on each other.

So even if you don’t invest in stocks, bonds, precious metals or energy, these are important markets to understand.  In fact, many people view gold as the canary in the goldmine which will predict the demise of the dollar.

Of course, many people who invest in real estate also invest in many of these other vehicles as well.  The New Orleans Investment Conference is looking to add some quality real estate speakers to the agenda, so until they can find some, they’ve asked us to speak.  😉

So, The Real Estate Guys™ will be at The New Orleans Investment Conference in 2013.  And we look forward to re-connecting with our 2013 Summit at Sea™ buddies, Peter Schiff and Mark Skousen. And if you haven’t heard yet, Peter Schiff will be back on our Investor Summit at Sea™ faculty in 2014!

Register to join us for the 2013 New Orleans Investment Conference in New Orleans, November 10-13, 2013.

Come out and hear what Peter Schiff has to say, then make your reservations to come out of winter hibernation in March 2014 and spend a week with Peter on a luxurious cruise ship in the Caribbean.  After all, just one great investment idea acted upon is probably worth the entire cost of both events. 🙂


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