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2/17/13: Clues in the News – The Market is Speaking…Are You Listening?

In this age of information overload, sometimes it’s hard to sift though the noise and find nuggets of news that matter.  But do not fear,  The Real Estate Guys™ are here!

In this episode, we delve into recent headlines and glean insights into where the market is headed and how you can position yourself to build and protect your real estate empire.  Good stuff!

In the studio, magnifying glasses in hand:

  • Your Sherlock Host, Robert Helms
  • Your Watson the news, Russell Gray

As much as we like professionally prepared real estate market reports, whether from the National Association of Realtors, the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or any number of market research firms, the challenge with most of this data is that it’s historical.  In some cases, it’s actually stale, or worse, irrelevant.

On the other hand, by definition, “news” is current.  What’s missing from the news is the big picture.  Today’s news is just a point on the curve.  However, when you monitor the headlines on a daily basis like we do (we know, get a life), trends begin to emerge.

So, if you’ve been listening to The Real Estate Guys™ radio show for any length of time, you know that ever since the financial crisis, in addition monitoring home builder and consumer confidence, changes in rents, vacancies, selling prices, foreclosures, etc., we’ve been watching (like a hawk) the Fed (interest rates, bond market activity, easing), the Government Sponsored Enterprises (“GSE’s” like Fannie and Freddie), and the mortgage industry.


Because the real estate market imploded not because people stopped wanting properties, but because the funding mechanisms that delivered purchasing power to Main Street (via the mortgage backed securities market, mortgage bankers and brokers) stopped working.

Think about that.

If real estate values imploded when leverage was taken OUT of the market, what happens to values when leverage returns?  And are there clues in the news about leverage coming back into the market?  After all, who wants to invest AFTER the prices have run back up?

As you’ll discover in this episode, the news is in fact reporting signs of leverage and rising prices creeping back into real estate.  Of course, this is no shock.  It’s what the Fed, the banks and government have been trying to do for nearly five years.  If they could fix the bob market, it probably would have happened a lot sooner, but that’s a different discussion. 😉

Now think about this:  If you, like us, wish you’d have been paying closer attention to the clues leading up to implosion (like our friend Peter Schiff did), isn’t it a good idea to watch the headlines for hints of the next explosion?  We think so.

So put on your detective cap and tune in for an exciting exposition of current headlines – and consider how you might adjust your investment decisions based on the clues in the news.

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