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Dr. Denis Waitley on the Psychology of Winning and the Pace of Change

Whether you’re an athlete, executive, entrepreneur … or investor … success is both an art and a science. 
Our guest today is a world-renowned expert on the psychology of winning. He has traveled the world sharing his principles of success … and we’re here to share them with YOU. 
See how the principles of success stay timeless in a world that is changing at an unprecedented pace … and how to put them to work in your investment strategy.
In this episode of The Real Estate Guys™ show, hear from:

  • Your winning host, Robert Helms
  • His psychotic co-host, Russell Gray
  • Legendary author, trainer, and mentor, Dr. Denis Waitley





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Stay positive and progress

There are a lot of voices out there shouting in your ear. Sometimes, you need a different perspective. 
After all, if you’re only listening to the same voices in your life … it’s hard to make progress. 
Today, we’re talking about the pace of change, lessons from traveling, the psychology of winning, and how you can stay positive in a negative news cycle. 
First, we’d like to say a word on the importance of perspective. 
Difficult times like these are why you have a tribe. It’s why you read history. It’s why you take quiet time when you aren’t flipping through your phone to contemplate your life and think about your future. 
As investors, we need to reflect on the lessons of the past and set our minds on making the most of the day that stands in front of us … because that’s all we can REALLY be sure of. 
That’s why during this crisis we have been trying to talk to people who are smarter than we are … it’s not difficult to do. 
We’ve got a great guest this week. He was first on the show 15 years ago … and he blew our minds!
Dr. Denis Waitley is a tremendous coach and personal development author, speaker, and trainer. He has worked with elite athletes, astronauts, and average folks like us. 

Take time to experience new perspectives

The psychology of winning is every bit as valid today as when Denis first started speaking … but it still takes time and conscious effort to learn. 
“Today’s generation is really in a hurry and interested in instant gratification, but if they would just take a little more time in self-awareness and investing the talent they have into stuff that lasts, they would see true success,” Denis says. 
Denis has traveled to more than 100 countries, and during those travels, he has seen commonalities across cultures for success … and gained new perspectives and ideas. 
For instance, Americans are enamored with the stock market. Only 30% of American wealth is held in real estate. But in China, that number rises to something like 75%. 
That demonstrates the different ways we view risk. One idea isn’t right or wrong … they just expose different ways of looking at the world. 

Keys to achievement

One of the things that Denis has done for a long time is help people from different backgrounds and various walks of life figure out the keys to achievement.
He has worked with Apollo astronauts, heads of state, Olympic gold medalists, and Fortune 500 top executives. 
What are things that folks who get things done have in common? And how can we cling to some of these ideas to live the best version of each of us?
“One thing that stands out is that these successful individuals aren’t afraid of risk,” Denis says. “They’re not afraid of appearing foolish in the eyes of others.”
People generally don’t like to be laughed at … unless we’re being a comedian … so we hesitate to do things that are unfamiliar. 
Successful people are willing to risk being foolish in the eyes of others in the name of jumping in and learning something new. 
They don’t wait for the perfect time. They just do it. 
“They think something, and they do it. They don’t put it on a to-do list that can be procrastinated until a deadline comes up,” Denis says. 

Be proactive instead of reactive. 

These individuals also often have a feeling of optimism … but that doesn’t mean you shoot for the moon and then only get halfway there. 
“I think they all believe that there is something inside of them that makes them special and able to achieve. They have a level of expectancy that is probably more realistic than most people because they feel it, train it, practice it, and obsess over it,” Denis says. 
And when they fail, successful people find another way. They don’t give up.
“They’re willing to make mistakes, and they treat failure as fertilizer. You don’t like it. It doesn’t smell good, but when you spread it onto future ground, it sure helps you grow,” Denis says. 
When people first start investing in real estate, they often think that their first deal is going to be a home run … and if they make a mistake, they don’t want to do it again. 
Instead, you’ve got to take the lesson and learn from it. 
Think about those elite athletes. They go out and find someone who is better than them … a coach and mentor. Investors should do the same!
Investing is more of a mindset … and the best investment you can possibly make is in yourself. 

Stair-step your way to success

If there’s one major takeaway for success that we’ve gleaned from Denis, it’s being resilient and not fearing failure. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to adapt. 
The world is changing right now. If you’re used to only playing the game one way … you may look around and think you can’t play the game anymore. 
But the reality is that this isn’t the first time the world has changed … and it won’t be the last. 
Find someone who has been through similar challenges before, and learn from them. 
You’ve got to stair-step your way to lasting success. You have to earn the mountain one step at a time. 
For more lessons from Dr. Denis Waitley … listen to our full episode!

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