Bubbles, Inflation, Gold, Crypto, Real Estate and MUCH more

The Real Estate Guys™ are headed back to the New Orleans Investment Conference in just a few weeks.

YOU are invited … and STRONGLY encouraged to join us.

It’s never been more important to PAY ATTENTION to what’s happening in the economy and financial system.

If you’re not familiar with the term “The Great Reset”, who may want to look it up. It could be coming to a theater near you and your wealth.

It’s just one of many things threatening to blind-side Main Street investors … like the 2008 Great Financial Crisis did.

Are we saying a crisis is coming? Not necessarily. But where there’s smoke, there might be fire … so it’s worth investigating.

You don’t need to obsess over headlines to know INFLATION is on the rise … EVERYWHERE … and perhaps not as “transitory” as the wizards claim.

Inflation is just ONE factor … and both a cause and a symptom … of a cascading wave of disruption affecting asset prices, interest rates, real wages, employment, construction … all things real estate investors feel on Main Street.

And then there’s China …

The $300 billion Evergrande debacle could have GLOBAL ramifications.

It’s not the $300 billion in bad debt that’s the issue. It’s the potential of TRILLIONS in derivatives going bad. Think 2008 sub-prime on steroids.

No wonder China recently outlawed Bitcoin.

There are probably zillions in Chinese wealth trying to find a place to hide … and the Chinese government is locking the exits. Americans should take note.

And what about the Great Resignation?

Whether you’re personally for or against vaccine mandates in theory, in the real world, people are quitting or choosing to be fired rather than take the vaccine.

It’s one of the most divisive topics of our lifetime … one with real-world impact on production, employment, incomes, migration … all trickling into real estate.

While it’s exciting for syndicators to have so many 401(k)s becoming eligible for rollover to self-direction, it seems Uncle Sam is already moving to lock self-directed IRAs out of private placements.

The timing of that is interesting to say the least. What is it with governments and their propensity to block the exits?

The point is that there’s a TON happening right now and it’s more interrelated than you might think.

These events are creating a snowball of impact headed right towards Main Street. So we can’t wait to get to New Orleans to find out what this year’s outstanding line-up of speakers have to say about it all.

You might think you can keep up by scanning the news, watching a few videos, and listening to some podcasts while multi-tasking. All that’s great.

But part-time perusal pales to the power of being at a multi-day summit of concerned investors and brilliant minds …

… where everyone is intensely focused on the future of money, wealth, and the increasingly frail financial markets.

Yes, being informed and connected is expensive and time-consuming. But flying blind and hoping for the best is FAR worse.

That’s why The Real Estate Guys™ and MANY of our listeners are going to the New Orleans Investment Conference and we highly encourage YOU to join us.

Here’s a list of presentations and activities The Real Estate Guys™ are part of in New Orleans …

Pre-Conference Workshop – October 19
How to Supercharge Your Precious Metals Profits with Real Estate

With inflation on the rise, precious metals are essential for preserving purchasing power. But outpacing inflation to grow real wealth and gain from inflation requires a more sophisticated portfolio strategy.

Attend this session and discover how precious metals and real estate can be combined to supercharge your precious metals profits.

Master of Ceremonies, Robert Helms – October 19, 20

Watch our very own Robert Helms rule the room for two days as he introduces a powerful parade of world-class speakers.

Exhibit Hall Tour Guides – October 22

Let your favorite radio talk show hosts introduce you to several of the amazing and valuable businesses in the exhibit hall.

Main Stage Panel – October 22
Gold, Crypto and Cash: The Future of Money
Watch as Adam Taggart moderates an all-star lineup of panelists including Jon Najarian, Jim Rickards, Danielle DiMartino Booth, and our very own Russell Gray!

Main Stage Presentation – October 22
If the Bubble is Back in Real Estate, How You Can
Protect Your Equity

Many property owners are sitting on huge amounts of equity … unrealized capital gains … which could vaporize if real estate prices retract as they did in 2008.

Attend this session and discover little known strategies for protecting equity, increasing income, and lowering taxes even if the bubble bursts.

(We’re the warm-up act for James Rickards and Danielle DiMartino-Booth!)

Workshop – October 22
Using Equity Arbitrage to Explode Your Gold Holdings for Free

What if there were a way to add dozens of ounces of precious metals to your stack … for FREE? Real estate investors have used a simple financial strategy for decades to acquire free properties … and it works for piling up precious metals too.

Attend this session and discover how you can add lots of precious metals to your portfolio … for free.


The Real Estate Guys™ infamous annual New Orleans VIP Party!

For the last several years, The Real Estate Guys set up an exclusive hang for our listeners and several of our VIP friends. Once you’re registered, be sure to use our Feedback page to RSVP. It’s invite only!

Click here now to reserve YOUR place at the New Orleans Investment Conference >>

Our friend and conference promoter Brien Lundin always puts together an OUTSTANDING line-up of amazing experts … and this year is no exception.

Ron Paul … George Gammon … James Rickards … Danielle DiMartino-Booth … Jim Grant … Rick Rule … and Peter Schiff are among the 2021 experts at the New Orleans Investment Conference.

Just ONE great idea, relationship or opportunity can MORE than pay for the time and expense of attending. That’s why we’ve never missed a New Orleans Investment Conference since attending our very first one nearly a decade ago.

There’s WAY too much going on in the world to miss going deep with these experts and all the fantastic exhibitors and attendees.

So click here now to get all the details and register TODAY … and then be sure to use our Feedback page to RSVP for our VIP party while there’s still space.

We look forward to seeing YOU in New Orleans!

Update: The 2021 event was incredible! Don’t miss out next year … Click here for information about the 2022 New Orleans Investment Conference >>


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